Sharp 3D quattron
Confirms it will be applying its four-colour technology to 3D TVs, says it will deliver better, brighter images than current sets from rivals

At a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, Sharp confirmed that it will be entering the 3D TV market with an LCD panel using its four-colour Quattron technology.

It says the system, which adds yellow pixels to the conventional trio of red, green and blue, is 80% brighter than conventional displays, and will offer significant advantages for 3D images.

The company plans to incorporate the Quattron technology into all its Aquos 3D LCD TVs as soon as possible.

Executive Vice President Masafumi Matsumoto said that '"We will disclose in-depth information about the new addition to our Aquos line of LCD TVs in May, and then start sales ahead of the summer shopping season. We will launch global sales by the end of this year.'

He added that the company may well boost both its overall plans for LCD TV production and specific targets in the 3D arena, saying that 'I think the 3-D TV market will grow to 10 million units in 2012. Given this, we may move our plan up a year.'

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'We met our fiscal 2009 sales target of 10 million units, and we are going to boost production: I think demand will rise sharply down the road, not only in Japan but also in China and elsewhere."

'We plan for 3D LCD TVs to account for 5-10% of Aquos products in the first year; after that, we aim to raise the ratio to 20-30%.'

And executive managing officer Shigeaki Mizushima came out fighting about how the new Sharp 3D TVs will stack up agains those from rivals such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

He said that the company's 3D LCD panels are brighter than existing 3D TVs and have solved the problem of images for the right and left eyes becoming mixed.

'In terms of quality, I'm not sure if the existing 3D TVs really live up to the hype," he said. 'With our 3D TV, I think we can differentiate ourselves.'

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