JAPAN: Sharp fires up the Quattron for a 3D TV push this Summer

Sharp 3D quattron

'We plan for 3D LCD TVs to account for 5-10% of Aquos products in the first year; after that, we aim to raise the ratio to 20-30%.'

And executive managing officer Shigeaki Mizushima came out fighting about how the new Sharp 3D TVs will stack up agains those from rivals such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

He said that the company's 3D LCD panels are brighter than existing 3D TVs and have solved the problem of images for the right and left eyes becoming mixed.

'In terms of quality, I'm not sure if the existing 3D TVs really live up to the hype," he said. 'With our 3D TV, I think we can differentiate ourselves.'

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