IFA NEWS: Philips puts spotlight on Aurea

Philips has taken its Ambilight technology to the next level with the release of its flagship TV, the Aurea. An ‘active frame’ around the screen itself allows the Aurea to fire light forward and back in tandem with the Ambilight technology, to give an all-encompassing glow of light.

The Aurea is available exclusively in a 42in model and will retail for £3000.

It’s a full HD 1080p panel, complete with three HDMI inputs, Philips’ latest Perfect Pixel HD engine and its proprietary 100 Hz Clear LCD technology.

The new screen is powered by 126 tiny LEDs built-in to the panel rim, and as with the ambilight range, there are three different levels of activity – off, relaxed and dynamic.

There is also an invisible speaker system fully integrated in to the rim, complete with two arrays of 12 drivers alongside two subwoofer-mid speakers.

Completing the set is a USB connection and all your familiar video connections.

Having seen the screen in action, not only does the striking design look splendid even when turned off, the Aurea technology really does add to the complete viewing experience.

We look forward to delivering a full review soon.