Charge up to three electronic devices simultaneously from a single power supply

You know how it is, every device you own needs a separate mains charger; mobile phone, iPod, sat nav all have to be plugged into a separate power supply when they need a charge.

But the IDAPT range of universal chargers enable three devices to be charged simultaneously with only one connection to the mains.

IDAPT claims its i2 and i3 units will charge up to 3500 different products using a range of 22 interchangeable connectors.

The IDAPT i2 (£20) has two charging ports and six connectors, while the iDAPT i3 (£30) comes with three ports and six connectors. Both are available in black and silver, and you can also have the i3 in pink should you so desire.

Additional connectors cost £5.99 each, and there's an optional AA/AAA battery charger for £11.99.

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