How many TVs do you have in your house?

According to a study by marketing and information group CACI, UK homes boast an average of 4.7 television sets, writes Clare Newsome.

A further survey, by Lloyds TSB, suggests many of these sets are in children's bedrooms - with 70 percent of kids having their own TVs (and half of them having a DVD player, too).

As a flat-dweller with a single TV (actually an HD projector with stupidly large screen), that 4.7 figure seems really high to me. I keep thinking of Elvis's TV room in Graceland, where he had three sets on at once, tuned to different channels....

But what do you think - too many? Too few? Let us know the number of TVs you have - and how many you'd like if money was no object. Any other views on the topic also welcome!

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