This is the latest widescreen LCD from Samsung, which has just gone into mass production.

And while most screens have an aspect ratio of 16:9, and Philips has been making a big fuss about its Cinema 21:9, the Korean giant has gone even further – this screen has an aspect ratio of 4:1, or 36:9!

It's a 43in screen, offering a resolution of 1920x480 pixels, making it HD-ready. But before you start panicking about needing yet another player for yet another format, this one's not intended for home use: instead it's for digital information displays in the likes of airports, stations and shopping malls, as seen below.

However, the idea of a superdooperwide display for desktop use isn't too bizarre: this is NEC's CRV43, a 42.8in model with a curved screen launched last year.Yes, a curved screen, designed for those of us for whom just one computer screen isn't enough. Listen carefully, and you may just have heard John Duncan go 'Oooo'.

It has 2880x900-pixel resolution, 3.2:1 aspect ratio and 10,000:1 contrast, and it's yours for around $8000.

And it has an HDMI 1.3 input...

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