Flexson unveils white ColourPlay skin for Sonos Sub

The Sonos Sub was only available in black until now, but thanks to Sonos accessories specialist Flexson, users can now get a Gloss White ColourPlay skin to change the look of the subwoofer.

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The new white look will allow owners to match their Sub to any white Play series of speakers.

The new ColourPlay skin will still allow the Sub to play nicely with Flexson's wall mount bracket, which allows users to place their Sub away from any obstacles.

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Flexson has also announced a black skin for the Sonos Connect – which currently only comes in white – allowing users to match it to other black components in their Sonos set-up.

The ColourPlay skins – also available for the Sonos Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 speakers – are made from a durable vinyl and are cut to fit each Sonos speaker.

Application is as simple as peeling off the backing sheet, positioning on the Sonos speaker or sub and smoothing down. If users wish to change their colour choice, the skins don't leave any residue behind when peeled off.

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The Flexson Gloss White ColourPlay skin for the Sonos Sub is available now for £79.99. ColourPlay skins for the Play series of speakers range from £19.99 to £34.99.

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by Max Langridge

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