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Designed to be the “perfect travel companion”, the AH-GC20 Globe Cruiser headphones feature Bluetooth aptX and a range of noise-cancelling technologies.

Denon has equipped the AH-GC20s with “professionally tuned”, 40mm drivers, which claim to deliver a natural, rich and dynamic sound.

These headphones also benefit from cVc (Clear Voice Capture), which claims to enhance audio quality by eliminating the effects of noisy environments. This technology works hand-in-hand with the Denon's dual-microphone noise-cancelling system.

A full charge via the supplied Micro USB cable should take three hours - Denon claims this is good for up to 20 hours of playback. If the battery runs out, a headphone cable is also supplied so you can run them passively.

The Denon AH-GC20 Globe Cruiser headphones are available now for £249.

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jjbomber's picture

Denon v Bose

Love to see a test Denon v Bose, going head (phone) to head (phone). is there one lined up? 

Defen Dos's picture

Denon vs Bose not fair

Denon is a bluetooth headphone and Bose is only cable, this is in my opinion not a fair thing, also the looks of denon looks way better than the plastic dull looking bose's nowadays, just saying my opinion here, nothing more.

Andy Clough's picture

Denon vs Bose

We'd be happy to do it if both companies can supply their products for review.