Spudz Micro HD
New microfibre cleaning cloth comes attached to a pouch holder, designed to hang behind your TV

New from US company Alpine Innovations is the Spudz HD Ultra microfibre cleaning cloth, designed to keep dust and marks off your flatscreen TV.

The cloth, which sells for £12.99 and is just over 30cm square, is permanently attached to its storage pouch, which comes complete with a self-adhesive hook to hang it behind your TV.

And if the cloth gets dirty, it can be hand or machine-washed with a mild detergent, ensuring it will last for many 'wipes'.

Alpine Innovations makes a range of these cloths, designed for cleaning camera lenses and the like, so the Spudz HD Ultra will be more than soft enough to clean TV screens.

It's distributed in the UK by specialist photographic company JP Distribution.