CES NEWS: Award-winning Audioengine goes wireless

First it simplified speakers for any iPod or MP3 player, now Audioengine (opens in new tab) is making it easier to go wireless, with its new USB-based sender/receiver system, promising a plug-and-play solution for under £100.

The W1 is super-small, needs no batteries, has a range of 100ft (30m) and claims to be dropout and interference-free, with no reduction in audio quality. It supports the 802.11x wireless protocol, enabling transmission rates of 340mps.

It comes with RCA and mini-jack adapters, allowing it to wirelessly stream audio from devices including computers, iPods, and games consoles to active speakers - with the USB-port-equipped Audioengine A2 and A5 very much in mind - or stereo amps.

The system can also be used to send audio from the L/R outputs of a surround receiver to active rear speakers in a home cinema set-up – or from the receiver's subwoofer output to an active sub.

The W1 - which seemed to work impressively well when demo'd in Vegas – should be available in the UK by March, priced 'under £100'.

Audioengine also previewed a new limited-edition Bamboo-finish version of its Award-winning, A5 active speaker. The A5N (pictured below) will be available from March, priced around £250.

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