Samsung announces complete new product range for 2010 in CES Las Vegas

Today in Las Vegas, Samsung has launched its 2010 product lineup, including a complete new raft of its LED TVs.

The flagship C9000 (pictured) is the jewel in the range's crown, and – along with the C8000 and C7000 series models – comes with full compatibility with 3D, as well as ‘RealD' technology that allows you to watch 3D images adapted from standard 2D sources.

The C9000 is also Samsung's thinnest screen yet, and with a choice of two very striking finishes (an aluminium frame, or an injection-moulded wood effect), it makes a strong visual statement. Measuring slightly less than 23mm front to back, this new LED TV is as flat as flatscreens are likely to get.

Samsung's new TVs have also benefited from a large range of improvements in LED backlighting, sound performance and al-round picture quality.

The new TVs are also more connected than ever, with big improvements to the ‘internet@TV' interface, new widgets and a quicker and easier-to-use interface.

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Samsung also today announced ‘Samsung Apps', the world's first HDTV-based app store, vastly widening the potential for using the internet without moving from your TV.

For more on that – and on the rest of Samsung's complete new product line-up – see our accompanying blog, online soon.

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