New sets will connect to home network to access news, movies and more via TV Widget service

Ahead of the 2009 CES, which opens this week in Las Vegas, Samsung has announced that it's all set to launch a range of TVs able to access internet content streamed from a home network.

Selected models in the company's 2009 line-up will support the new TV Widget service, Internet@TV - Content Service. Built on the Yahoo! Widget Engine, this will bring to the TVs services usually only available via a home PC.

The suite of TV Widgets available ranges from Yahoo! properties including Flickr, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Weather and Yahoo! Finance, to third-party content from the likes of USA TODAY, YouTube, eBay and Showtime Networks. It's expected that the content and services offered will grow to include video streaming and other popular internet services.

Samsung says that "Developers worldwide will be able to develop and deploy TV Widgets for the television by using the open-platform Widget Development Kit (WDK).

"Samsung and Yahoo! will expand their collaboration further to bring more developers to the Internet@TV –Content Service and build an open ecosystem where more developers can create various TV Widgets for consumers to enjoy on their televisions."

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The service will require TVs to be connected to a home network, which can be achieved using a built-in Ethernet port or an optional USB wi-fi adapter.

Samsung says that HDTVs with the Yahoo! Widget Engine and TV Widgets will be available in 13 countries in 2009 including the U.S, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

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