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CEDIA NEWS: A TV at the end of the bed sir? Suits you...

Go on, admit it, you've always rather fancied the idea of a flatscreen TV that rises silently from a cabinet at the end of your bed, James Bond style. You haven't? Well then maybe it's just me, writes Andy Clough.

The CEDIA Show is full of natty gadgets to turn us all into a nation of couch potatoes, but this one in particular caught my eye. It's the Lift 42 from Omnimount, and as the name rather obviously suggests, it's a motorised lift for use with 37-42in flatscreens.

It's available now for $1300 retail, although you'll have to budget extra for a nice bespoke bedroom cabinet to install it in – oh, and a suitable plasma and LCD TV of course.

The lift mechanism fully extends in 15 seconds, can lift up to 180lbs and is operated via a remote control. It will also tilt, pan or swivel the TV once it's out of the cabinet if you so desire.

Right, I'm off to have a lie down and watch some TV.

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