Gloss white finish now available for the Eole 2 home cinema system, which has been reduced to £1000

If you like your home cinema speakers small and spherical, then you'll be pleased to hear that Cabasse has reduced the price on its Eole 2 system.

The French company's dinky satellites have been reduced from £1200 to £1000 should you feel the need to add some egg-like speakers to your front room this Easter.

What's more, you don't have to settle for a gloss black finish, for Cabasse has also added the option of a gloss white finish for the system.

The compact Eole 2 spherical satellites offer a 29mm tweeter and a 10cm mid/bass driver, and offer a variety of mounting options, with tall, thin metal floor stands, wall brackets and shelf mounts included.

You also get 42 – count 'em – metres of speaker cable, as well as the five speakers and active subwoofer, for your £1000. The Cabasse Eole 2 5.1 system is on sale now.

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