Beyerdynamic's new headphones aim for hi-res audio

Beyerdynamic has announced the Xelento remote headphones, a pair of in-ear cans that focuses on high-resolution audio. They will be available from February 2017.

The company says it has redeveloped its "unique Tesla technology", making improvements to the tiny ring magnets in the headphones. The frequency range has also been extended - from 8Hz to 48KHz - for a more detailed sound, and Beyerdynamic says that its "powerful, ultra-precise bass rounds off the sound at the lower end".

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On the 3.5mm-jack cable is a three-button remote control to operate playback, and an intergrated microphone for phone calls. If you prefer your cable without any bells and whistles, you can replace it with a plain-vanilla version.

These headphones also have three-layer metallising housings, which, it is claimed, make the surface insensitive to abrasion, solvents, and perspiration, and there's a watertight diaphragm over the bass reflex openings to protect the interior from getting wet.

The Xelento remote headphones will be available for €1000 (around £900), and will be shown at the CES 2017 show in January before release.

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