A round-up of stories to have featured in What Hi-Fi? this week, including Samsung's SUHD TVs, Sky Q and Virgin Media's 4K TiVo box.

This week Bang & Olufsen launched a 4K TV, Furutech devised a novel way of removing static from your turntable and Samsung SUHD TVs will now come with a ten-year warranty.

As for reviews, we have Sky Q, Lindy's BNX-60 noise-cancelling headphones and the Go + Play wireless speaker from Harman Kardon.

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Bang & Olufsen launches 4K UHD BeoVision 14 television

Bang & Olufsen's luxury 4K TV will be available in two sizes – 40in and 55in – and arrives with plenty of fancy accoutrements including a "360 degree Automatic Picture Control sensor", that can adjust images based on the amount of light in the room.

Prices for the 40in set start at £4495 and £6495 for the 55in.

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Furutech’s SK-Filter removes static to make your vinyl sound better

Furutech claims to have come up with a method of removing static from a turntable whilst the record is playing. The SK-Filter sits above the record and removes any static generated, allowing the record to continue playing unencumbered.

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Samsung launches ten-year warranty for Quantum dot TVs

Samsung has been investing in Quantum Dot over OLED technology for its TVs, and with it being a new piece of tech, Samsung has given its range of SUHD TVs a ten-year warranty.

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"With Q, Sky really has never been better, but it has also never been more expensive"

Sky Q

Sky has touted its new Q box and service as the future of TV, and it's a claim that's not far from the truth. Whether you want to watch in another room, or take your content with you on-the-go, Q works seamlessly, with few hiccups.

There's plenty of 4K content too, which instantly makes it an attractive proposition. However, as you might expect, Sky Q doesn't come cheap.

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"As a pair of noise-cancelling headphones with the added bonus of wireless Bluetooth, we can’t quibble with what’s on offer"

Lindy BNX-60

For the price you might expect these headphones to disappoint. Instead they offer a balanced and detailed sound, making for a pleasant listen. With noise-cancelling and wireless performance both very capable, these sturdy Lindy headphones have few faults.

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"If you want a powerful but portable wireless speaker, and this fits your budget, then this is where to spend your money"

Harman Kardon Go + Play

We liked the original Go + Play and the latest incarnation continues the good work. It's a huge speaker - a hi-fi handbag of sorts - with a power befitting its size, but there's also finesse here too.

For a powerful wireless speaker that's also portable, this is a great option.

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