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A round-up of the week's highlights, including an affordable 4K TV from Philips and a Dolby Atmos speaker from KEF.

This week, KEF unveiled its Q50a Dolby Atmos enabled speaker, Elipson revealed a couple of new speakers in its Prestige Facet range and Bryston announced a new Active Loudspeaker range.

On the reviews front, there was Philips' 50PUS6272 4K TV, Sennheiser's Momentum Free wireless in-ears and Goldmund's high-end ProLogos Wireless speaker.


KEF unveils Q50a Dolby Atmos speakers

The Q50a is an upwards-firing, Dolby Atmos-compatible surround speaker that uses KEF's Uni-Q driver technology.

Designed to be placed on top of the front and rear speakers, added portability is possible thanks to a dedicated keyhole which allows the speaker to be wall-mounted.

The KEF Q50a is available to buy now, priced £450 per pair.

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Elipson announces new wireless Prestige Facet speakers

Elipson has added two new wireless speakers to its Prestige Facet range.

The bookshelf Prestige Facet 6BT and floorstanding Facet 14BT join the Prestige Facet 8B, and both have aptX Bluetooth and Chromecast functionality. The latter is not built-in and comes via a Chromecast Audio dongle.

The Facet 6BT (£550) and Facet 14BT (£1150) will be unveiled at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show in February.

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Bryston unveils new flagship Active loudspeakers

Bryston has revealed a new range of active loudspeakers.

There are three in total, with the Model T Active floorstander, the smaller Middle T Active floorstander and the Mini T standmount.

Bryston's own BAX-1 digital crossover and Cubed Series amplifiers are needed for playback, with the range of speakers due to go on sale in the next few months.

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"Those issues are well worth putting up with for a picture this good at such a reasonable price"

Philips 50PUS6272

We were floored by Philips' recent OLED effort and this 50in 4K TV is another strong contender from the company.

HDR is impressively punchy and vibrant, detail and definition are strong, and motion-handling is convincing.

It's not perfect – the viewing angles disappoint and the operating system is not the most intuitive – but this is a much better TV than its price would suggest.

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"If you want wireless convenience combined with excellent sound quality, this is another pair you’ll seriously want to consider"

Sennheiser Momentum Free

Sennheiser's Momentum range has produced several great headphones, and we can add the Momentum Free to that list.

They deliver an impressive amount of clarity and detail, with excellent dynamics and putting a powerful, musical performance.

A tiny sliver of sharpness at the top end doesn't detract from another accomplished effort. These are excellent wireless in-ears.

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"In most small- or medium-sized rooms, these standmounters can deliver all the low-end power most people will ever want"

Goldmund ProLogos Wireless MkII

Goldmund is not a familiar brand, nor a particularly cheap one. Nevertheless, with the ProLogos Wireless, it has produced an impressive piece of hi-fi.

Clarity and detail are exceptional and the presentation is stable and expansive, aided by its superb build and engineering.

The ProLogos prove that wireless can work well in the realm of high-end hi-fi.

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