B&W 700 Series Signature speakers now come in Midnight Blue metallic finish

B&W 700 Series Signature speakers now come in Midnight Blue metallic finish
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British hi-fi brand Bowers & Wilkins has released some of its best speakers in a new colourway. The 702 Signature and 705 Signature now come in Midnight Blue Metallic, to go with the Gloss Black, Satin White and Rosenut already available.

B&W already offers its iconic Nautilus speaker in the same Midnight Blue Metallic.

Both the 702 Signature and 705 Signature speakers are part of the 700 Series Signature line. They feature no fewer than seven coats of metallic-finish paint and lacquer to create "a rich, lustrous finish". This finish is accentuated by bright metal trim rings around the mid/bass and midrange cones, along with bright, silver-finished tweeter grilles. Both also have a Signature identity plate on their rear panel.

But they're not just lookers. Both are engineered within an inch of their life, using some of B&W's finest audio technologies.

They feature the same tweeter-on-top design, along with upgraded crossover designs, components and finishes.

The 705 Signature is a two-way standmount. As with the 700 Series speakers, instead of using a hollow zinc housing, the Signature models use the same shape milled from a solid mass of aluminium to provide a stiffer and less resonant structure.

Below it, mounted inside the enclosure, is a 25mm carbon dome tweeter, comprising two parts to make it light yet rigid and resistant to distortion. There's also a 16.5cm Continuum midrange driver, manufactured by B&W and first seen in its 800 Series Diamond.

The 702 Signature, meanwhile, is a floorstander and combines the same tweeter-on-top design with a 15cm dedicated midrange driver and three Aerofoil-profile 16.5mm bass cones. These new cones use a composite structure of inner and outer skins filled with polystyrene.

Both feature specially treated and upgraded bypass capacitors, larger heat-sinking and, in the case of the 702, an upgraded low frequency capacitor in the bass section of the crossover.

The 702 Signature costs £5500/€6000 (about $7400, AU$10000), and the 705 Signature is £3000/€3400 (about $4000, AU$5500). Both are available in the new finish this month.


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