Audiolab has revealed more details about its forthcoming hi-fi separates, including a new CD player, amplifier and premium version of the Award-winning M-DAC...

The new M-DAC+ is being touted as a significantly upgraded version of our current Award-winner.

It won't replace the existing M-DAC, but will sit alongside it as part of an extended Audiolab M-DAC family. The M-DAC Plus will cost around £1000 and will feature DSD support via USB and the ability to handle resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz.

There's also been a slight aesthetic tweak compared to the original and a new rotary control.

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Another Award-winner to get a significant tweak will be Audiolab's 8200CD CD player. The Audiolab 8300CD costs £1000 and replaces both the current 8200CD and 8200 CDQ. It also adds full digital preamp functionality.

It features a slot-load CD mechanism, which replaces the current CD drawer, new 'softer' styling, and will support DSD (Direct Stream Digital) playback via the USB connection, as well as handling resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD 256.

Look out for our exclusive review of the 8300CD in the October issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine, on sale from 2nd September.


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You will be able to partner the CD player with its matching integrated amp, the 8300A (shown above with the 8300CD), designed by Jan Ertner. Audiolab claims this amp is a brand-new design from the bottom up, and is aimed at recapturing the glory of the original 8000A, launched back in 1983.

The 8300A will deliver 2 x 75W into 8ohms and now has a phono input as standard. It will retail for £900.

Both the CD player and amp are due to hit stores in October, with the DAC to follow soon after.

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WHF are a bit late with this

WHF are a bit late with this news.

Details of the 8300 series have been on various web sites on the internet for a couple of weeks now.

WHF quote - "The full extent of the upgrades for the all-new 8300CD are yet to be revealed, so stay tuned for all the juicy details."

Slot loading, replacing the flimsy CD tray.  DSD capable DAC, via the USB socket.

The 8300A integrated amp re-introduces a phono stage.

Full specs are out in the public domain and have been for a fortnight or so.


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Article updated

Thanks for pointing this out. Article now updated, and we have contacted Audiolab's UK PR for additional info as they only gave us the bare bones first time around.

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Audiolab should stop treating customers as guinea pigs

After reading raving reviews of the 8200CDQ I bought it.
Unfortunately it was really at a verly early stage of it's development and I ended up with a machine that was half baked and saw a dozen subsequent variations and amelioratations both in software and hardware (better power supply, less buggy software, better alghorithms etc. etc.).
I felt used and since then I swore Audiolab will never see my dough again. No matter what the press says. Methinks customers should not be treated as guinea pigs as their money is as good and often the products bought and pompously trumpeted on the press are not.

santi lo monaco

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If the M-DAC is as good as the reviews suggest, I've always been surprised Audiolab has limited the M-PWR to such a lightweight model.  I know there's nothing stopping you plugging the M-DAC into an 8200P, but for the visually fastidious among us, it wouldn't match.  


How about an M-PWR Plus with 120wpc or so that could have the grunt to power less sensitive speakers, or just control speakers that need their bass taming.


Not everyone wants a petite system for a desk next to their PC.  Some just like the idea of a system that can be placed more discreetly in the living room.

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How about the M-DAC Plus with

How about the M-DAC Plus with a pair of 8200MB Smile

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I believe the m-dac+ has now

I believe the m-dac+ has now been revealed at the headroom show. currently available at a very competetive price of £799, i'm looking forward to this product and have made space in my rack for it.