Anthem MRX700
New line-up in the shops soon, has iPod/iPhone option, starts from £999

New from Canadian company Anthem is a four-strong range of 3D-ready AV receivers, with optional iPod/iPhone compatibility, room correction and, in all but the entry-level model, internet radio tuning.

The range starts with the £999 MRX 300, and the first two models in the shops are expected to be the MRX500 and MRX700, due very soon. All these models are seven-channel designs, with dour HDMI inputs and one output.

The range-topping MRX900 has nine channels of amplification and biamping capability, and seven HDMI inputs.

All models decode all the latest audio codecs, and have Anthem's own ARC room-correction, 1080P upconversion and second-zone audio.

And all but the entry-level model have both front and rear USB inputs, allowing music to be played from hard drives or memory keys.

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Coming soon for the range is the MDX 1 iPod/iPhone dock, powered from the receivers and offering digital connection and on-screen display. It will be released at the beginning of next year.

Distribution in the UK is via Anthem AV Solutions.

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