Amazon Prime Day: Echo speaker prices slashed by up to 50%


The Echo Dot: Save £20, now just £30: the smallest and the cheapest Amazon device, so for some is the best way to get smart functionality into your home. There's Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair it with wireless speakers for better sound quality, or a 3.5mm output for other devices. See the Amazon Echo deal at Amazon

The 'normal' Echo: Save £30, now just £60: the same but bigger, the larger speaker means better sound quality, so for those without a speaker in the room - and want Alexa support as well - it's definitely a good choice. See the Amazon Echo deal at Amazon

The Echo Spot: Save £30, now just £90: this is for those that want a smart alarm clock (although Amazon would be quick to say that it can do so much more). Its customisable faces should give you something to suit your interior design, and getting it to wake you up with your favourite Spotify playlist - and control your smart-lights, if you're so inclined - is particularly charming. Get the Amazon Echo Spot deal at Amazon

The Echo Show: Save 50%, now just £100: larger screen, larger speakers, perfect for a living room or kitchen. The ommission of YouTube is still a black spot on its record (Amazon and Google remain resolutely against each other) but you can make it play Amazon Prime Video content, and that's good enough for now. Get the Amazon Echo Show deal at Amazon


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