A new range of Wharfedale stereo speakers is coming in 2023

Wharfedale Aura stereo speaker range
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Just as we were heading out of High End Munich following another hi-fi-packed show, we caught sight of an unfamiliar group of stereo speakers lined up in Wharfedale’s demo room. So, being the inquisitive newshounds that we are, we slipped in to get the lowdown…

Details are very thin on the ground, but we’ve been reliably informed that this new range is called Aura and it’s designed to slot neatly between the company’s Evo4 and flagship Elysian series, both of which contain speakers we’ve tested and rated five stars.

It appears as though Aura will consist of five models: three standmounters, one floorstander and a centre channel.

Given the range is related to Elysian, it will come as no surprise that Aura looks set to share some of the same features and trickle-down tech that features in its pricier siblings, such as the tweeter, mid/bass cones and slot-loaded port profile.

Wharfedale’s Aura range is only due to launch around August or September this year so we’ve got a little while to wait for all the information to come through, but we’ll be sure to bring you the full specs and pricing just as soon as they're released.

2023 look set to be a big year for Wharfedale’s parent company, IAG. It owns Quad who also confirmed it will be launching a range of hi-fi separates and speakers later this year.


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  • PaulS

    I am curious about the new line of Aura Speakers. I am holding off on ordering 4.1s until I can listen to the new Aura line of speakers. I have read many reviews that the 4.1 and 4.3 speakers are very finicky, and have issues with off angle listening, and when ears are above the tweeters on these speakers that use AMT tweeters.

    Given that the new Aura line of speakers is still using an AMT tweeter, has the off angle and ear specific levels on line with the tweeter been improved? What degree off angle listening would be achievable? Will vertical axis listening still be compromised if ears are above the tweeters while listening to music while standing or while seated on tall bar stools?

    Thank you,