Our Verdict 
More emphasis on music-making needed here
Weird and wonderful features
fairly well focussed and speedy sound
Is rather thin and has a harsh top-end
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It's not exactly short of rivals, but on paper the RA-P10 looks to have plenty going for it. As well as a docking, charging iPod cradle (with adapters for all current models bar the Shuffle), this JVC sports FM radio, alarm clock functions, mains or battery power, and – yes, really – a digital thermometer display.

It's a pity the RA-P10 isn't better at its primary function. Music played through the JVC is invariably thin and apologetic, with no low-frequency presence to speak of and an abrasive top end. Focus is reasonable and the sound is speedy, but there are superior devices at the same sort of money. Not all of them know how warm it is, mind.