Our Verdict 
It might not set the world alight, but this HDD-toting JVC is a solid performer at a solid price
Superb Freeview pictures
twin-tuners and 160GB hard disk for recording
decent disc playback
reasonable sound
Won't handle 1080p
doesn't challenge the best where DVD and Blu-ray playback is concerned
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To stand out from a large crowd, TV manufacturers need to offer something others don't. JVC's LT-32DE9BJ is a 32in HD Ready TV, with a built-in 160GB Freeview recorder, and it's available for little more than £500. Tempting?

Clear menus take you through the initial search for digital and analogue channels. Optimising the picture is a simple process apart from the backlight adjustment: on the lowest setting it has nice blacks, but relatively low levels of punch; on medium, some depth is sacrificed for brighter whites.

Freeview performance is key, and we're pleased to report that the JVC doesn't disappoint. The picture is exceptionally clean and stable, colour control exemplary.

The EPG is clear and recording is a simple process. The quality of recordings is a match with live broadcasts, and you can watch one channel while recording another.

Standard-def images don't quite match class leadersDVD pictures can't match the class-leading Sony KDL-32W4000 for detail, edge definition, punch or black depth, but they're not a million miles away. The colour balance remains natural, and motion is tracked with minimal judder and very little smear.

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Switch to Blu-ray and the story is much the same. It won't handle 1080p, but the 720p picture is very solid, if not a match for the best.

Throw in a sound performance that's clear and balanced, and you've got a solid flatscreen proposition. If you're after a TV with built-in recording, it comes highly recommended.