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How to send TV signal upstairs wirelessly?

A friend of mine has recently moved into a new apartment.  Because of planning regs, he is obliged to sign-up to receive his Sky and analogue TV signal through a fixed line into a socket box on his ground floor.  However, his living room is upstairs.  He hasn't got any further sockets upstairs, so need to send the signals from downstairs - wirelessly.

I'm well up on wired Home Cinema solutions, but this one has got me.  What's his best solution?

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Re: How to send TV signal upstairs wirelessly?

Are you saying that all his tv will be fed via a cable company?

I have lived in a number of properties with cable rather than external antennas and every one had a minimum of one tv outlet in the lounge. If he really doesn't have a socket in the lounge, the only option i'm aware of is to leave his tv / sat / cable box downstairs and use an 'off the shelf' video sender (one for all and phillips make them). However, the received pictures will be really naff, liable to a lot of interference.

Is he sure that he cannot run a cable internally? 

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Re: How to send TV signal upstairs wirelessly?

I think it's some sort of mutual contract so that the whole building runs off just one dish and aerial, so yes effectively he has a single cable feed into the downstairs.  He was too late to the party to request extra outlets upstairs.

I agree about the Video Sender option - the picture will be rubbish.

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Re: How to send TV signal upstairs wirelessly?

It's a communal system, so if the lease holder/building management are unwilling or it's unfeasable or to costly to add additional points then your only left with a couple of options really.

Use video senders, but as DJB says the quality will be poor.

Run cabling from the downstairs point to living  room, wont be very aesthetically pleasing if it has to be run internally.

Or a much costlier option, a combination of Slingbox Solo/Pro  and Slingcatcher connected either by wired network or using homeplugs.

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