Rewind: Record Store Day treats, five-star record players, new Sony TVs and more

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Happy Monday, and welcome to the latest entry into our weekly Rewind column. In it we detail the top stories to break in the world of hi-fi and home cinema over the past seven days.

Once again it was a busy week, with the What Hi-Fi? team running a Vinyl Week special event in the run-up to Record Store Day and Sony unveiling a swathe of new home cinema treats.

Here’s everything you need to know.

 We celebrated vinyl 

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Last week we ran a special Vinyl Week event where we celebrated everything we love about one of music’s most iconic formats. Highlights included exclusive interviews with record store owners, a breakdown of how records are made and a detailed summary from our hi-fi editor on the two biggest roadblocks she’s facing building a turntable system.

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A turntable and cartridge got perfect marks

Vertere Dark Sabre MM cartridge

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On top of vinyl-focussed news and features last week we also published our definitive verdict on the Vertere Dark Sabre moving magnetic cartridge and great value Rekkord Audio F110 automatic record player. Spoiler: they’re both great. Find out why using the links below.

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Sony unveiled a fresh batch of home cinema treats 

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Sony lifted the lid on a fresh batch of home cinema treats last week. Highlights included its latest Bravia 8 and Bravia 9 TVs – which we managed to get an early hands-on look at – as well as a new HT-A7000 Dolby Atmos soundabar and Bravia Theatre Quad wireless speaker system.

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Spotify hiked its prices 


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Sadly it wasn’t all good news for music fans last week, as Spotify confirmed it will be hiking its prices. This is the second price hike Spotify’s rolled out in the past 12 months and means its standard subscription now costs the same as Tidal’s – the latter of which offers higher quality hi-res streaming.

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