Apple HomePod Mini 2: release date rumours, price predictions and 4 things we want to see

HomePod Mini 2 rumours
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The Apple HomePod Mini 2 hasn't been officially announced but speculation abounds that it's in the pipeline and could be set to launch sooner than expected.

It has been more than three years since the original HomePod Mini arrived to cram great sound quality into a smaller form than its HomePod larger sibling. While both of these – and the later HomePod 2 – are worthy contenders for our best wireless speakers picks, the next-generation model could really stand out from the bunch.

At the time of publishing, this is still very much under the radar, as Apple does a pretty good job of keeping its secrets just that. However, rumours are floating around that could mean we see a new Mini 2; but how much do we think it could cost and what do we want and expect to see upgraded? This guide aims to lay all that out for you.

Apple HomePod Mini 2: release date rumours

One of the best ways to try and determine a release date, rumours apart, is to look at past releases. In the case of Apple, it was way back in October 2020 that the first HomePod Mini was announced. Between the original HomePod release in 2018 and the updated HomePod 2 in 2022, there was a four year wait. With that in mind we would expect the Mini 2 to arrive in the next year or so.

According to serial tech predictor and all-round Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we can expect to see Apple begin shipping the HomePod Mini 2 in the second half of 2024. This may arrive alongside a new HomePod 3, with a 7-inch display, according to Kuo – although that's expected in 2025, so perhaps the two will arrive together at that later date.

Apple HomePod Mini 2: price predictions

Apple HomePod Mini

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The original Apple HomePod Mini was priced at £99/$99 making it a very competitive small speaker, especially when you consider Apple's usually high price tags. In classic Apple fashion, expect the next model either to sit at the same price or to climb ever so slightly as new features are added.

Since the new model is rumoured to feature a more advanced chipset, the price might jump a little – although not by much as Apple wants to keep this competitive in the small-speaker space. Indeed, because of that, we wouldn't be surprised to see the price stay under £100/$100.

Apple HomePod Mini 2: new design?

While the HomePod Mini is a well designed speaker, which finds a balance between compact form and wide-reaching audio function, there may be some changes in the new model. One such evolution is expected to come in the form of colour. It seems that Apple might refresh the colour options with more to pick from.

Current colour options include Space Gray, Blue, Yellow, White or Orange. The new HomePod 2 saw Space Gray dropped in favour of Midnight, so expect a similar change, or more, to happen for the Mini 2 update. 

The chipset is another area expected to see updates. The current Mini features an S5 chip as featured in the Apple Watch Series 5. With the new Watch Series 10 expected to see the S10 chip, this could also make an appearance in the speaker. That could be paired with better WiFi 6E support, lower-latency connectivity and an improved microphone setup. All of that could allow for better Siri integration – a feature Apple is always eager to push.

Apple HomePod Mini 2: 4 features we'd like to see

Apple HomePod Mini

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The current HomePod Mini improved on many of the HomePod features and even the second generation HomePod 2 hasn't added much new above what this offers. Yet we still have hopes for some improvements in the next-gen model:

1. Lower latency and Bluetooth
One easy way to improve on the already decent for the price audio performance is to work on latency. Since most audio is coming to the speaker over wi-fi, an improvement on that tech can't hurt. Not only will this allow for a better audio performance but an upgrade to WiFi 6E could also mean a greater range which allows you more options when placing this speaker in your home. Bluetooth would also be a welcome addition for direct playback from most smartphones and tablets.

2. Better microphones and native Spotify Siri
While the current model works well at picking up voices, a few more mics for an even more impressive audio perception can't hurt. Using Siri is part of what makes this speaker so accessible, but when the music is playing loudly or there is background noise, it can affect pick-up on commands. Enhancing that can mean a more seamless communication with the speaker for greater ease and less reaching for the phone to control everything. Native Siri support for Spotify would be a great option here too.

3. Enhanced audio and support
While the audio performance on the current model does well for the price, there is still room for improvement. Technology has moved along since the original release and Apple's use of Spatial Audio, for example, has really come on. So while we would like to see enhanced speakers to widen the soundstage of this small speaker, the upgrade of the tech inside for greater software smarts would also be a welcome inclusion to get a better audio performance overall. All that backed by more third-party apps support would also be most welcome.

4. Fresh colours and buttons
New colours are an easy way for Apple to add something fresh to a model that can then stand out from the previous generation. So while we would like to see more big changes – a screen, perhaps? – realistically fresh colours is a likely expectation without breaking the bank on price. A physical mute button would also be a welcome change as it is currently app only.


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