This LG G4 OLED TV deal includes a big discount and a free soundbar

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The discounts on LG's brand-new 2024 OLED TVs are coming in fast. We have already covered a range of deals on the company's C4 range, and now there are savings on the G4 model, too. 

You can now get the 65-inch flagship 4K G4 TV for £2949, a £350 saving from its original recommended retail price. What's more, you also get a free LG GX soundbar and subwoofer included with the TV to upgrade its audio capabilities.

LG OLED65G4 2024 OLED TVwas £3299now £2949 at Richer Sounds (save £350)

LG OLED65G4 2024 OLED TV was £3299 now £2949 at Richer Sounds (save £350)
After two separate hands-on sessions with the G4, we think LG has taken all that made the G3 great while adding extra punch and impact. It's a fantastic new model that should hold its own against other comparable 2024 OLED TVs.

We recently spent some time with the G4 for hands-on testing and were impressed, nothing that the new model is noticeably brighter and dynamic than the G3 that came before it. 

We haven't tested the GX soundbar and sub combo but it will no doubt be an improvement on the TV's built-in speakers. Everywhere else is charging £999 for the GX at the moment, whereas this deal includes it for free along with this discounted G4 – not a bad proposition by any means. It's also a visual match to the TV which is always appreciated. 

Overall, we were very impressed by our initial hands-on experience with the G4. There's a new ‘Peak Highlighter’ feature that can boost the brightness of small highlights by up to 150 per cent in small areas of the screen. This new feature is just one of many which are powered by the new Alpha 11 AI Processor, exclusive to the G4 and wireless, step-up M4. This marks the first time there is a difference between the processors included in the G-series and C-series.

The Alpha 11 chip also brings exclusive picture features such as 'AI Director Processing', which detects a director's intended colour tone and adapts the picture accordingly. Another feature available is 'Object Enhancing by Visual Perception', which analyses and enhances each pixel. LG promises that 'AI Sound Pro' will use the TV's integrated, virtual 11.1.2 surround sound system to provide a richer and fuller audio experience, but we expect most soundbars such as the GX would be an improvement regardless. 

The G3 offered excellent technical specifications, but that hasn't stopped LG from improving things with the latest iteration of the G-series. It has added support for 4K/144Hz this time, which will be good news for PC gamers with high-end set-ups. Of course, 4K/120Hz (where current game consoles max out) is still supported, as are ALLM and VRR. There are also four HDMI 2.1 sockets on board, which is the same as the G3 but more than most other rivals.

Interested? Head over to Richer Sounds to get your hands on the new G4 TV plus GX soundbar package for £2949.


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  • mafrost
    Great unless you don't want an LG soundbar, which I don't. I'd much rather they don't try to give additional stuffs away and just offer a better basic price. LG aren't alone with this sales tactic unfortunately.