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Why do LCD LED tv's blink

Maybe the question is confused, but I was yesterday at a TV store and was looking at some LED LCD tv's. I was looking at new Samsung UE42f5500 and UE39f5300. Wheen I was watching at the screen the picture was not like blinking, It was like the streaming was a bit of milisecond in a slow motion it doesnt matter if I was near the tv or a bit farther. Live program was streamed on tv. But when I watched a live stream at Phillips 40PFL3008H/12, live stream was perfect (it was the same chanel) picture was smooth. Not a bit of slow motion not even a milisecond. Does anybody know where's the difference between ths TVs? 

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It was most likely down to

It was most likely down to the feed.

All stores have a multple feed to the tv's on display fom a single source, the may just have been on the end of rubbish feeds.

I've owned lcd tv's and never noticed flicker ( unless its active 3d content, thats more to do with the tec I think)

you do get "boxes" on some rapid movement but I don't recall anything that you discribe in my experence anyway.

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