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VCR wont' Record Freeview

My old friend cannot record Freeview from his 37DMTech TV/DVD Display onto his SONY VCR which he has connected via a SCART lead to the TV.

He is able to record anologue channels OK but when it comes to FREEVIEW it just won't let him.

Is there a solution to this problem, as it would make his day if we could resolve the problem for him and his wife as no one seems to know what the answer is, and I guess therefore many other people may be experiencing this same problem too.

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Re: VCR wont' Record Freeview

In theory it should be possible for the VCR to record via the Scart whichever channel the TV's tuned to, but it could be that this particular TV doesn't have the output section of its Scart socket wired, or indeed the Freeview tuner isn't connected to the Scart output section of the TV.

Short of buying a budget Freeview box and connecting it to the VCR, I can't see any solution here, but at least now we both realise why the switchover to all-digital TV is going to take the next five years!.

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Re: VCR wont' Record Freeview

Wow! That was quick Andrew.........many thanks indeed......understand what you say.....have a good day.Best Wishes

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