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Panasonic TX-P50VT20B picture issue

I have a TX-P50VT20B which has an issue that looks like pixels scrolling up and down in the far right hand corner, its 3-4 inches long and 2 pixels wide and is only visible on some. programs or my xbox 360 home screen.  The set is due to go out of warranty shortly,  I contacted Comet and they sent out an engineer who came out and told my wife (who had to wait in), its to do with the picture changing shape to fit and can be rectified by using 16:9 overscan. This did seem to rectify the problem  the said pixels are still in use and not affected. I'm not keen on the fact that it zooms the picture slightly and can't help feeling like i've been slightly fobbed off.


If anyone can help and at least put my mind at rest that the engineer was correct, and i'm not being stuck with a soon to be duff tv. Would be really annoyed if after paying all that money, I was told nothing was wrong so they can wait for the warranty to expire. Ta.