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Vinyl Cleaning Knosti & L'Art du Son

Good Morning All I see that quite a few folks are using L'Art du Son with a Knosti kit. My question is do you use the L'Art du Son in the same way as the Knosti supplied fluid by filling the trough or follow the manual instructions for the L'Art du Son and spray it on and rinse off in distilled water. I have 2 Knosti kits and given my entire collection (about 300 discs) a run through with the Knosti fluid as an initial clean and now plan to let the L'Art du Son loose. Have gotten all the bits in place, 20 L distilled water, Isopropyl, Kodak Photo-Flo, and have kept one of the Knosti troughs as rinse only.

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RE: Vinyl Cleaning Knosti & L'Art du Son


I have not used l'art du son fluid myself but it would appear to be a tad wasteful just spraying it on and rinsing it off.

I think you would use it this way if you didn't own the Knosti.

Personally, if you have the ability, I would use it just like the knosti fluid - less wasteful. Just wash it in the one reservoir and rinse in another....simples! Smile


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