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24bit / 48k vs 16bit / 96k

Recently joined the world of computer/streaming audio. After investing in new system after relocating (listed below). I've been going through the bit/sampling rate, NAS, streaming learning curve - and find myself with 2 output options...

Listen in EITHER 24bit / 48k OR 16bit / 96k. 

Any views which will be better?
And if anyone can work out how to get my HD tracks (24bit/192k) out of a NAS and into the DAC - then bonus points will be awarded?


iTunes library and other music on Synology NAS >
Audiolab M-DAC (very impressed with this by the way) >
John Shearne Phase 2 integrated (My JS power amp on its way) >
Roksan speakers K2 (also impressed).


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I am lookign for the best

I am lookign for the best processor. What is the latest highest memory? Internet in the United States is mostly an awkward subject. Service penetration leaves 19 million in the information dark, and costs are not going to drop if the telecoms get the full-scale deregulation they look for.

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