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KEF T205 Music Dilemma


I currently have the T205s connected to an Onkyo TX NR 808 connected to a Skyhd box and a 2010 mac mini via hdmi (through which I listen to music using ITunes, Spotify and Airfoil). I am thinking of adding  Sonos Zp90, Sb touch or Simple Audio room player II (wish we could see some reviews for this) soon to create a multiroom system.


I spent a lot of time demoing the KEFs mostly comparing to the B&W M1s. It was a very close call , but in the end I chose it for it's wife friendliness, slightly more detail and 3d sound stage, knowing full well that I was sacrificing the musicallity of the B&Ws (probably would have taken these if aesthetics weren't such a key factor). While the home cinema experience is great, I have been somewhat dissappointed with music playback and was wondering if anybody has any tips for improving on this.

Pure audio on the Onkyo is out of the question (though female vocals and some accoustic stuff sounds great compared to sterio provided there is no bass In the equation). I have tried increasing the bass level on the sub by 6db and 12db, but this can become a bit muffling. I thought I read somewhere replacing the sub would help, and I am also thinking of connecting the mac to either the Onkyo's DAC via Toslink or even an External one (RDac perhaps). Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.