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home cinema room


I have surround sound in my living room but cannot use it to its full potential as i don't want to disturb my neighbours in the flat below. I cannot use a subwoofer!

I am thinking in converting a spare bedroom into a cinema room and want to soundproof it best I can to avoid sound travelling downstairs.

My options are:

a. Professional soundproofing but that will be probably too expensive

b. Using sound absorbing wallpaper on walls. Replacing skirting boards and packing behind with insulation or even bubble wrap. The walls have lathing plaster - is it worth drilling holes in walls before starting and filling space behind with some sort of material?????
Floor - willing to lift floorboards and fill space between there and ceiling below with something - what material. How else to soundproof the floor - is there a cgood kind or underlay / rubber backed etc you can buy in BQ or similar. Would underlay and thick carpet help even more.

All suggestions and ideas appreciated or anyone with similar experience.

Many Thanks

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RE: home cinema room

Maybe google to answer this one for detailed suggestions. However, as you know, we forumites demand progress updates, photos and coffee for those within 10 mile radius.

Now go put the kettle on!

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RE: home cinema room

To stop sound travelling downstairs, the main thing to concentrate on would be the floor. You could lay down a layer of MDF boards to eliminate the gaps in the floorboards, and there are sound absorbing underlays you can buy too. Pay attention to the bottom edges of the room too (around the skirting board), as sound seems to be able to sneak out here more than anywhere else.

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RE: home cinema room

Hello Graham,

I used to work in the Carpet Industrry for the Manufacturer and worked on large orders eg Ships, Office blocks, Concert Halls, Airports & Broadcasting Organisationss etc. I would recommend you either use a 40 ounce hairfelt or Tredair which is a very good rubber underlay. Our Labs found this helped with sound absorbtion in conjunction with a high specification carpet this worked for the Barbican. Your biggest problem is the bass notes in your room. I have an ultra high spec carpet tiles with big rugs on top and I have 3.3 m high lined curtains which helps with the sound. I was flooded earlier this year and it was ammazing how the room sounded with nothing in it.

I hope this helps


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RE: home cinema room

:wave: http://www.flooringsupplies.co.uk/accessories/10472/quickstep_unisound_combiflor_pro_underlay


Both these work very well, and can be laid easily, MDF is not really suitable to heavy and will need screwing [ALOT] to keep it flat and firm to the floor, using the above acts as a good base to lay flooring, and will reduce sound leakage considerably.

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