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Bowers and Wilkins CT700

Hi guys

i need some help, does any one have any experience with the B&W CT700 series of speakers

im thinking of getting the CT7.3 LCR speakers but because they're a special order with Sevenoaks Southampton I can't demo them, I have to buy them and at £3000 that seems like quite a jump

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RE: Bowers and Wilkins CT700

I havent heard them, sorry.  Im a big fan of B&W by the way but i would NEVER drop 3k on something i hadnt listened to.

I can understand people not being able to demo if they are in some far flung country in the jungle etc.  The UK is one of B&Ws main markets so they should at least have 1 unit for demo in the country.  

Maybe drop B&W an email to see if this unit is available for demo anywhere in the UK.  If not, keep that cash in the wallet is my advice.  

All the best


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RE: Bowers and Wilkins CT700

Definitely give B&W a call/email as has been mentioned.  Their customer service is second to none.  I'm sure they will be able to help you demo the speakers somewhere.

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