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Bose Cinemate2 V Onkyo LS3100
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RE: Bose Cinemate2 V Onkyo LS3100

I'm guessing you're contemplating buying one of the two, & want to know which one is better. The Onkyo system is not in the market yet. All I can suggest is that Onkyo isn't exactly known for its speakers. Best ot demo both & see which one you prefer.

EDIT: Apologies, looks like Onkyo speakers are available to buy now.

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RE: Bose Cinemate2 V Onkyo LS3100

Careful, there is a recall on the Cinemate...



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RE: Bose Cinemate2 V Onkyo LS3100

bigboss wrote:

All I can suggest is that Onkyo isn't exactly known for its speakers. 

Outside of Japan at least. In Japan, I quite like their lineup



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RE: Bose Cinemate2 V Onkyo LS3100

My Budget is about £550 so if anyone has any other systems I should consider then feel free to comment. I don't realy like the seperate receivers, I think they are too bulky and I don't realy have the room for one.

I know about the Bose recall that is why I have been looking at other systems while i was waiting for the Bose to become available again. I looked at the Onkyo because the HDMI connections were an attraction and I have heard one of their soundbar systems (can't fit a soundbar infront of the TV though) and it was OK.

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RE: Bose Cinemate2 V Onkyo LS3100


I have purchased two of the Bose Cinemate GSII back in Jan 2011 and yes just had to send my two systems back to Bose for a Call back repair on the Sub modules, Spoke to Bose about the inconvenience of it all, and have been dealt with very rudely and the only compensation I am getting for spending my time disconnecting removing waiting in doors all day for box delivers and then having too fabricate the flat pack boxes then boxing the units up and have to wait all day for a basic UPS delivery as no time booking available on this type of delivery, oh and had to print of all packaging labels to stick to the boxes that I have paid over £750 on each system.

The system is great and extremely pleased with the product sound production be it for movies and music or just general watching TV but Bose them selves, the are rude to there customers and I will think again about parting any cash with them after buying many of there products for the home AV set up.

I had to fight with them just to get a guaranteed 2 week turn round so I am waiting for my units to return very soon which the awful staff did inform me and confirmed by emai that both units will get an extended 2 years warranty( how about reimbursing me some cash for my wasted time).

I bet they go over the two weeks and then im on them like a bad rash

Oh and going to have to wait yet another day in doors for the returns. (great NOT)

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RE: Bose Cinemate2 V Onkyo LS3100

Thanks for the reply Simon I'm glad I din't buy one of those before the recall. I still haven't seen any reviews of the Onkyo system yet, maybe these are too new for anyone to have bought one yet. I would also like to receive some comments on alternative systems for the price.

I don't know if anyone else is having trouble posting on this site but sometimes when I type the text is in a strange font and itr doesn't appear on the forum when you click Save. Hence my origional post having only a header and no body text.

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