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Adding turntable to AV system

Hi. I'd like some advice. I currently have a NAD L75 / L55 AV set up as it fits under the tv and doesn't take up too much space. I currently have Tannoy M2/M1 main/rear speakers with the matching MC centre moving the air. I would like a turntable and the pro-ject rpm5 has caught my eye and was thinking of wall mounting with the Target vw1 pro. I would eventually like to upgrade my speakers and amp at sometime in the future too. I will only be able to upgrade one component at a time. I am a nurse, not a high paying occupation! Is this a reasonable plan? What upgrades would you guys recommend? Thanks for your time. Kel.

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Re: Adding turntable to AV system

Your post strikes a chord with me anyway ...(I'm a Nurse too!) I too have an AV system just about to be upgraded ..(Sony STR 785 Receiver soon to make way for an Onkyo TR 875) and I have a pretty decent Turntable of some vintage - Oracle Delphi 1, Zeta Arm ...currently coupled to a basic A&R MM cartridge.

 .....I'm surprised how good my TT sounds actually through the Sony (and I've heard the Onkyo manages music pretty well) I use a wall mounted table and it suits my Oracle well ..I still feel only a turntable can realise REAL bass! ...but vinyl isn't everyone's cup of tea.  

Many posters on here will say upgrading to an Arcam AV Receiver is the best manufacturer re playing music with analogue sources .....but fall down slightly when trying to fully realise surround movie sound tracks

In an ideal world I'd be able to afford a specialist pre /processor/power amp to have run a serious music AND movie based system but as you've intimated such amps cost a pretty penny so an integrated AV receiver will be the answer to most people ...as for a speaker upgrade I've recently heard a friend's system utilising Epos speakers and they sounded fine.  


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Re: Adding turntable to AV system


After reading your post I checked the NAD website. It seems that the amp you have, as with many nowadays, does not have a phono stage / turntable and ground connections. Therefore, consider that you will need a separate phono stage, such as the Cambridge Audio Azur 640P or Pro-ject Phono Box II. Either of these can be obtained for around the £60 mark . The RPM5 is a good investment but also consider a Rega P3 turntable. (As with all turntable set ups it is wise to BEG, STEAL OR BORROW a stylus protractor, a small builders level and tracking force balance as improper setup can cause irrepairable damage to your stylus and valued vinyl collection). The P3 is cheaper but does NOT include a stylus in the deal like the RPM5. However, this gives you more "freedom of choice" as a reasonable Goldring or Ortofon cartridge can be bought for the P3 and this approach could save you money with some careful shopping. Hope this helps.

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Re: Adding turntable to AV system

Thanks for the input Darth.

I think I'm leaning towards the pro-ject after checking out the rega. I see rega p3's are going for good money on ebay (around £150 to £200) but would like new for the peace of mind a guarantee from a hi-fi dealer will give. Plus they will be able to help with setting up.

Besides the RPM5 is a looker! And it has had good reviews too from what I see from my past few days of google searching.

I won't be buying the turntable for at least a month but I have got a project phono box II ready.


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Re: Adding turntable to AV system

Just an update and a question.

the update is that I may, repeat may, be able to stretch to the pro-ject xperience x pack with ortofon rondo red mc cart. I got myself a pro-ject phono box II all ready for the big day!! Sad I know.

And the question: Is there a way of sharing my main speakers between two amps? I have no pre outs on the NAD L75 so I can't use that trick. I would like to use straight 2 channel amp if I can rather than an AV for my listening pleasure,

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.


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