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DAB or FM reception

Please excuse which might appear to be a daft question.

I have installed a dedicated DAB aerial - can I use it to receive FM radio?

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Re: DAB or FM reception

No. DAB is vertically polarised and FM is horizontally polarised. You could turn your DAB aerial through 90 degrees and it would probably pick up FM, but then you would get DAB!!

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Re: DAB or FM reception

Hi Mr. Orange,

 I assume you mean you would not get DAB as well as FM should I rotate the DAB aerial.

Many thanks for your response. 

How's your future - bright I hope!

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Re: DAB or FM reception

Loads of good info available here - http://www.aerialsandtv.com/fmanddabradio.html . With many thanks to this forum (and Chebby in particular Smile) for pointing me there in the first place.

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Re: DAB or FM reception

Given that you can pick up FM and DAB on telescopic aerials on portable radios, and the free 'wire' aerials supplied with tuners then I'd say there is every chance that you could pick up an FM signal from a horizontal DAB aerial or vice versa, but in either case that signal will be compromised and you might suffer from reduced sound quality or at worst audible inteference or break-up.

Give it a go, if it sounds OK then it is OK!

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