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Marantz SR7005 Airplay problem using windows PC

Good morning,
Please note that I have the following two problems with my recent Marantz SR7005 Airplay update:

As soon as I did the update I noticed that when the receiver is in standby mode and I switch on my windows PC the receiver turns ON by its own and goes to NET/USB stage. Is there a possibility to stop this so that it will just turn ON automatically only when I open the iTune program and select the SR7005 speakers?

Also I noticed that when I use the iTunes program and select my computer speakers the program works fine but as soon as I select the SR7005's speakers the program works for three seconds (from the SR7005's speakers) and then stops on its own.
I removed the iTune software and installed it again but nothing has changed.

Any ideas.....?

Have a nice day,

Kind regards,


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RE: Marantz SR7005 Airplay problem using windows PC


go to SR7005 manual mode->network->others-> uncheck the hdmi standby mode


go to windows 7 settings and run a network adaptor repair session  

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