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Denon AVR-3313CI problem, need help!

I have a Denon AVR-3313CI that has a problem I cannot figure out through the settings or connections.  It is connected to U-verse Satellite box via HDMI.  The Sat box is connected to TV via HDMI.  TV is Samsung plasma E8000 smart TV.

When I turn on Samsung TV via the U-verse remote, it turns on the TV, the Sat box and then the AVR receiver through presumably a digital HDMI control functionality.  The AVR receiver turns on in CBL/SAT input mode, which is the source I connected my HDMI from the AVR to the Sat box.

After I get a picture on the TV (everything is normal, video & audio) after about 3-4 seconds, the AVR automatically switches to TV Audio input source by itself!  I lose video and audio!  There is nothing connected to TV Audio or other Monitor inputs.  HDMI control is set to ON.  Standby source is set to CBL/SAT.