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Bluetooth & APT-X Headphones & transmitter


Has anyone got or tried the Sennheiser MM 550-X apt-x/Bluetooth headphones? I had a very quick demo of the MM 450-X’s at the Gadget Show Live exhibition and thought they were really very good but I like the idea of the more ‘over ear’ design of the 550s compared with the ‘on ear’ design of the 450’s. I’m disabled and I don’t get the chance to get out much (especially not to shop!) but, even if I did, there are not so many dealers near the more remote western area of Cumbria where I live!

I would like the best quality wireless headphones (for a reasonable price) I can get for use with my Samsung Galaxy SIII (which is apt-x capable) and the noise cancelling capability is appealing for long journeys in a plane or in the car, especially. However, I would also, ideally, like to be able to use them for music and TV/movies at home as I really cannot afford to get different headphones for different uses. I had thought the Sennheiser BT300 Audio would be ideal to connect to a TV or an amp through the headphone socket but this seems to have been discontinued as the few places that still list it have no stock and the only places I can find with stock are shipping from/based in the far east.

Has anyone tried the Avantree Saturn? http://www.avantree.com/Product-Bluetooth-wireless-music-Receiver--Transmitter-saturn-aptx-decoding-technology-added_632.html This looks almost too good to be true with the ability to work as a transmitter and/or receiver with apt-x available for both.

To What HiFI staff: Is What HiFi likely to review the MM 550-X any time soon, I saw the MM 450-X review was very good but would like to know if the 550s are as good or better. Would What HiFI consider reviewing the Avantree Saturn as this looks like it has the potential to be a fantastic product.