The best UK deals on TVs, speakers, headphones and more

Spring has sprung so now's the time to treat yourself to something new. Fancy that big-screen 4K TV? Maybe a portable speaker for the park? A new pair of wireless headphones? You're in luck. 

Below we've rounded up the best UK deals we can find on some of our favourite hi-fi and home cinema products, including LG OLED TVs, Sony headphones, Monitor Audio speakers, Audio-Technica turntables and plenty more besides.

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The very best deals

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 £119 £69 at Amazon 

Now succeeded by the third-gen Boom 3, the 2015's Boom 2 is still a great bargain (especially at this knockdown price). Available in Black/Yellow and CherryBomb Lite finishes, pick one up if you're after a fun and affordable portable speaker.View Deal

Lenco L-85 £139.99 £99.99 at Amazon

Great features and user-friendly operation make this Lenco the best budget plug-and-play turntable we’ve come across. And now you can get a £40 saving. View Deal

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Noise Cancelling £150 £97 at Amazon

More affordable alternatives to the model above, these budget wireless noise-cancelling headphones offer 35-hour battery life (with 10 minutes of charge delivering an hour’s playback), app control and a swivel design. View Deal

Q Acoustics 3020 speakers for £199 £129 at Exceptional AV

These former Award-winning standmounters are a steal at this knock-down price. While there are newer models, these 3020s still deliver a refined, dynamic and punchy sound. Their single-wired and unfussy nature will fit in with most systems.View Deal

Denon DM41 micro system for £279 £229 at Sevenoaks

Save £100 on our favourite micro system. The Denon delivers great sound and includes CD playback, DAB/FM radio and wireless Bluetooth streaming. You can add any speakers you like for a brilliant compact music system.View Deal

Marantz PM6006 UK Edition amplifier £469 £329 at Peter Tyson

Big savings on this recently-crowned Award-winner. It has Marantz's full-bodied, detailed sound - even more of it than the standard edition - with subtlety and musicality high on the agenda. There are plenty of connections, too.View Deal

Philips 50PUS6703 4K HDR Smart TV £599 £399 at Currys

This might just be the best 50-inch 4K TV you can buy. A What Hi-Fi? Awards 2018 winner, you can save £200 on the original price and you get the beauty of Ambilight technology and stunning Ultra HD images. Our favourite TV under £500 is now even more of a bargain.View Deal

Denon AVR-X3500H 7.2ch AV receiver £899 £599 at Peter Tyson

Denon's midrange AV amp is also a winner. In terms of both features and performance, the AVR-X3500H nudges a little further ahead of its predecessor. And that is another credit to Denon. If you have the system to match it, it's well worth the extra.View Deal

LG OLED55B8SLC 4K OLED TV £1999 £1139 at Amazon

The most affordable OLED in LG’s 2018 range ­is now available with a massive £800 saving. We gave a similar model - only the stand was different - a glowing five-star review, so this is a real steal. A 55-inch OLED with HDR support and LG's great webOS interface.View Deal

LG OLED55C8PLA 4K OLED TV for £2,999 £1,599 at Sevenoaks

The next LG OLED range up. You get LG's great webOS smart platform with iPlayer, Netflix and more. And most of all, a five-star performance. You also get up to £50 of select Sonos home theatre products.View Deal

TV deals

LG 43in UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV £649 £319 at Amazon

A whopping 40% discount on this LG 4K TV has piqued our attention. It features Freeview Play, the latest version of the Freeview TV platform, supports 4K and HDR video, and has LG's ThinQ AI intelligent television. There's also the option to add a soundbar or a wall-mount as part of this deal.View Deal

Samsung UE50NU7020 50-inch 4K TV £549 £399 at 

A 50in 4K HDR TV for £399 - what a time to be alive. Samsung has a good track record when it comes to TVs, so while we haven't seen this particular model, our expectations are high. As well as 4K and HDR support, the UE50NU7020 features a plethora of smart apps, including 4K Netflix and BBC iPlayer.View Deal

Sony KD-49XF9005 4K TV £1300 £849 at John Lewis

The best 49in 4K TV around and a What Hi-Fi? Awards 2018 winner. This Sony has all the 4K and HDR spec, LED backlighting, Sony’s X1 Extreme processor, X-Reality Pro and X-Motion Clarity. And that all  adds up to a superb TV, now with a solid £400 discount.View Deal

Samsung The Frame UE43LS03 43-inch 4K HDR TV for £1,199 £999 at Currys

Samsung's stylish Frame TV has had a tasty discount. This is the 43-inch model, and it delivers 4K, HDR and the chance to turn itself into a piece of art.View Deal

Philips 55POS9002 4K OLED TV with Ambilight £1499 £999 at

We called the Philips 55POS9002 TV a "real return to form for Philips and one of the finest TVs currently available, particularly for HDR", delivering great 4K pictures with the added bonus of Philips' clever Ambilight technology. And now you can save £300.View Deal

Toshiba 55X9863DB OLED TV £1499 £999 at

The 55-inch Toshiba 55X9863DB 4K OLED TV is now £1299, down from £1499. It supports 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, has Freeview Play, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control. Toshiba's OLED TVs are made by LG Display, who have turned out excellent OLED screens for a whole host of manufacturers on the market.View Deal

Samsung QE55Q9FN QLED TV £2999 £1599 at Richer Sounds

The Q9FN sits pretty at the top of Samsung's 4K QLED range and is an excellent alternative to an LG OLED, particularly in terms of brightness and colour vibrancy. At £1799, this 55in version is a great bet.View Deal

Samsung QE65Q9FN QLED TV £3799 £2299 at Richer Sounds

QLED is a great alternative to OLED, particularly in terms of brightness, colour vibrancy and gaming features. If that sounds like your kind of thing, the Q9FN is the best 4K QLED currently available, and it's now available with a big discount.View Deal

LG OLED65C8PLA 4K OLED TV £3999 £2399 at Richer Sounds

Again, this may not look like a hug bargain next to the model above, but the C8 is an undeniably better OLED than the B8 and it's now available for £1600 below its launch price.View Deal

Headphone deals

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 in-ear headphones £90 £60 at Amazon

Possessor of our 2017 Product of the Year Award, these wired in-ears continue the success of Sennheiser's seemingly ever-growing Momentum range with a comfortable fit, attractive design and a wonderfully clear and detailed performance.View Deal

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Noise Cancelling £150 £99 at Amazon

More affordable alternatives to the model above, these budget wireless noise-cancelling headphones offer 35-hour battery life (with 10 minutes of charge delivering an hour’s playback), app control and a swivel design. View Deal

Optoma NUFORCE BE FREE 8 £250 £102 at Amazon 

We prefer the sound of the true wireless Sonys above, but there could be a home for these Optomas among those who simply want a reliable, pretty much purpose-built pair of wireless headphones to soundtrack their cycle, run or gym session.View Deal

AKG N60NC £169.95 £129.95 at Richer Sounds A winning combination of great sound and isolation make these AKGs ideal travel companions. These Ultra-portable, well isolating and entertaining on-ears won a What Hi-Fi? Award in 2015.View Deal

Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones £299.99 £140 at Argos

These wireless and noise cancelling headphones from master sound-smith Bose offer stunning sound quality and fantastic noise cancellation. A saving of £160 represents a really great deal here.View Deal

Sony WF-1000X true wireless earbuds £179 £145 at Sevenoaks

If you want the best-sounding pair of AirPod alternatives, you don't need to look much further than the Sony WF-1000X earbuds. And right now you can save £70 on the original price.View Deal

Grado GW100 Wireless on-ears £200 £179 at Audio Affair

Grado's first pair of wireless headphones - and world's first pair of wireless open-back headphones apparently. Very much Grado in both aesthetic and engineering design, the GW100s utilise the signature drivers found in the brand’s wired models - good news considering we’re huge fans of Grado headphones’ consistently impressive sound. View Deal

Beyerdynamic T 1 (2nd Generation) £800 £647 at Amazon

If you're after a pair of top-class pair of headphones without spending thousands, these five-star Beyerdynamics would be a fine choice - especially as they're now reduced by over £150.View Deal

Hi-Fi deals

Denon DM41 micro system for £279 £229 at Sevenoaks

This darling of the micro system world continues to impress us with its detailed, musical and rhythmic prowess, and the addition of Bluetooth along with its CD player and radio will appeal to many. You can add your own speaker pair, but it works beautifully with Denon's own speakers.View Deal

Arcam irDAC II £499 £275 at Richer Sounds

Save a whopping £200 on this talented DAC. Featuring RCA analogue, optical and coaxial inputs, and support for hi-res and DSD128 files through USB. Sound-wise, it has a smooth and even-toned performance with bags of detail.View Deal

Speaker deals

Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 for £59 £49 at Richer Sounds

A pair of speakers for under £50? These aren't brand new speakers, granted, but they're such a bargain it would be hard to pass up if you have a strict budget. Ideal for small rooms and desktops.View Deal

Dali Zensor 3 stereo speakers £319 £219 at Richer Sounds

A hugely enjoyable pair of speakers with an open, spacious and detailed presentation. These speakers major in dynamics and punch rather than refinement, and are endlessly fun to listen to.View Deal

Q Acoustics 3020i stereo speakers for £249 £199 at Exceptional AV

A £50 saving on these excellent Q Acoustics speakers? Perfect for your first speakers (or an upgrade), their warm, rich and insightful character is a joy to listen to. They sound bigger and freer than their smaller siblings, too.View Deal

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 stereo speakers for £279 £229 at Amazon

Fancy some Award-winning speakers in your system? You can save on these beautifully finished Monitor Audios, too. The deliver weight and scale, impressive dynamics and good detail for the price.View Deal

Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders for £549 £379 at Exceptional AV

The Zensor 5s may have gotten four stars from us, but this £150 off deal isn't to be ignored. Expect a dynamic and detailed sound that's evenly balanced, with a particular talent for intimately textured vocals. Bass notes could be defined better, but these are big, friendly speakers regardless.View Deal

Wireless speaker deals

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom £90 £59 at Amazon

About size of a coffee mug, this portable budget Bluetooth speaker has a decent sound and rugged build, making it an ideal travel companion. Five stars, and available in multiple bright colours.View Deal

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 £119 £69 at Amazon 

It's now been succeeded by the third-gen Boom 3, but 2015's Boom 2 is still a great bargain (especially at this knockdown price!) if you're looking for a fun and affordable portable speaker. Available in Phantom Black and Cherrybomb finishes.View Deal

Ultimate Ears Megablast smart speaker (Graphite Black) for £270 £136 at Amazon

Our favourite rugged portable Bluetooth speaker just got smart. The first portable speaker to feature Amazon Alexa, the Megablast combines weatherproof build and great sound quality and voice-control features. Even more attractive at over £140 off!View Deal

KEF Muo wireless speaker for £300 £139 at Amazon

A Bluetooth speaker that’s designed for style rather than ruggedness, the portable Muo cuts a sleek figure with its aluminium-clad hourglass shape. An insightful sound with tight timings, wide dynamics and a refined musicality for half its original price - what's not to love?View Deal

Music player deals

Sony NW-A45 3.1 Inch Touch Display High Resolution Audio Walkman (Black) £180 £149 at Amazon 

The Walkman is alive and well and this portable hi-res music player is an exceedingly affordable take on it. The A45 has a microSD card for plenty of storage space, Bluetooth for wireless streaming and of course support for hi-res music playback.View Deal

Turntable deals

Audio Technica LP3 £199 £169 at Richer Sounds

A 2017 Award-winner, this all-in-one budget turntable is a winner. There's a built-in phono stage so you can connect straight to your amp, plus a good quality tonearm and cartridge.View Deal

Audio Technica AT-LP5 £349 £249 at Richer Sounds

A plug and play turntable that's an absolute pleasure to listen to and delivers detail, dynamics and a USB connection for digitising your vinyl. You can save £100 in the New Year sales.View Deal

Sony PS-HX500 £499 £278 at Amazon

Want to rip vinyl to hi-res? Of course you do. This entertaining turntable has that ability, sounds great while it's doing so and these days is a serious bargain. View Deal

Soundbar deals

Samsung Sound+ HW-MS650 3.0 soundar £699.99 £349 at Currys

Despite its slender profile this powerful soundbar crams in nine speakers for power and offers tuning to enhance speech for clearer dialogue when watching a connected TV. The sub is built-in offering plenty of power without taking up room. It even supports high-res audio and Bluetooth making it a great deal with that £370.99 saving.View Deal

Sony HT-ST5000 Dolby Atmos soundbar £1500 £1199 at Sevenoaks

This Award-winning Dolby Atmos Sony soundbar can now be had with a saving of over £400. It produces a seriously accomplished sound and does a great job of immersing the viewer in the action. At this price, it's well worth an audition and boasts three HDMI inputs for all your 4K and HD sources.View Deal

AV receiver deals

Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2ch AV receiver £549 £379 at Sevenoaks

Denon's entry-level AV amp sounds fantastic for the price. You won't be short of features, with eight HDMI inputs, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support and wireless streaming from the likes of Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon. There's even Alexa voice control, too.View Deal

Denon AVR-X3500H 7.2ch AV receiver £899 £599 at Peter Tyson

Denon's midrange AV amp is also a winner. In terms of both features and performance, the AVR-X3500H nudges a little further ahead of its predecessor. And that is another credit to Denon. If you have the system to match it, it's well worth the extra.View Deal

Blu-ray player deals

Sony UBP-X800 4K Blu-ray Player £399.99 £221 at Amazon

This Sony 4K Blu-ray player supports stunning Atmos and DTS:X sound, plus HDR images with BT.2020 colour. High resolution music is also supported, plus you can stream wireless music to your Bluetooth headphones for private listening. Winner.View Deal