The best hi-fi and wireless speaker deals

Whether you're looking for a traditional pair of hi-fi stereo speakers, a wireless multi-room smart speaker or a Bluetooth portable speaker, you're in luck. 

We've rounded-up the best prices on some of our favourite speakers on the market right now, and there are plenty of excellent options, featuring products from Dali, KEF, Q Acoustics, Amazon, Ultimate Ears, Bose and more. 

Hi-fi speaker deals

Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 stereo speakers (Black) for £59 £49 at Richer Sounds

These speakers may have been around the block for a long while, but they're on such a great deal it's hard to pass them up if you're on a super strict budget. Ideal for small rooms and desktops, the Diamond 9.0s make a great first pair of speakers.View Deal

Wharfedale Diamond 220 stereo speakers for £149 £129 at Richer Sounds

These 2014 Award-winning speakers are still a budget marvel. Balanced and informative, the 220s juggle fine detail, expressive dynamics and deep bass with aplomb. They’re unfussy in nature, too, so will suit a wide range of partnering equipment.View Deal

Q Acoustics 3020 stereo speakers for £149 £129 at Exceptional AV

These former Award-winning standmounters are a steal at this knock-down price. While there are newer iterations, these 3020s can still deliver a wonderfully refined, dynamic and punchy sound. Their single-wired and unfussy nature will fit in with most systems.View Deal

Dali Zensor 1 £219 £139 at Richer Sounds

If you’re after versatile, energetic, little speakers that’ll entertain you for years on end then look no further. With a hefty discount, these are superb for the money.View Deal

Mission LX-2 stereo speakers for £179 £160 at Amazon

The LX-2s are one of the best budget speakers we've heard in the last few years. They deliver strong dynamics and fine timing. Worth every penny of its original price, they're an even better option now.View Deal

Wharfedale D320 budget speakers £199 £179 at Hifix

We like the Wharfedale D320 speakers. They’re easy to get along with and will work well in a wide range of systems. And now you can save £20.View Deal

Q Acoustics 3020i speakers for £249 £199 at Exceptional AV

A £50 saving on these excellent Q Acoustics speakers? Perfect for your first speakers (or an upgrade), their warm, rich and insightful character is a joy to listen to. They sound bigger and freer than their smaller siblings, too.View Deal

Dali Zensor 3 stereo speakers (Walnut) for £319 £219 at Richer Sounds

One of our favourite speakers from past years, these Zensor 3s may not major in refinement, but they are endlessly fun to listen to. An airy, spacious presentation packed with plenty of detail, punch and dynamics makes them hugely enjoyable speakers. Now £100 off.View Deal

Wharfedale Diamond 230 floorstanders for £299 £249 at Richer Sounds

Save £50 off these talented floorstanders from the celebrated Diamond range. We loved their vast soundstage, authoritative presentation and neutral tonality, but had to knock it down a star in light of subtler rivals. Well built and nicely finished in black.View Deal

Mission LX-3 floorstanders for £349 £299 at Richer Sounds

We adore their LX-2 siblings (above), but the LX-3s are capable big speakers for a brilliant knockdown price. Not fussy with positioning, they have a controlled, articulate and well-integrated sound that's detailed and agile – if lacking a touch of the LX-2's enthusiasm.View Deal

Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders for £549 £379 at Exceptional AV

The Zensor 5s may have gotten four stars from us, but this £150 off deal isn't to be ignored. Expect a dynamic and detailed sound that's evenly balanced, with a particular talent for intimately textured vocals. Bass notes could be defined better, but these are big, friendly speakers regardless.View Deal

KEF Q350 speakers for £530 £499 at Richer Sounds

Sounding more like speakers close to the £1000 mark, these current Award-winners will wow you with their refined, articulate and well-integrated sound. If these KEFs weren't already on your shopping list, the few quid you save off its original price should tempt you.View Deal

Wireless speaker deals

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom £90 £59 at Amazon 

Smaller still (about the size of a coffee mug), this five-star budget Bluetooth speaker has a decent sound and rugged build, making it an ideal travel companion. Available in multiple colours.View Deal

UE Roll 2 wireless portable speaker £80 £60 Amazon

If you’re after a compact, portable speaker that sounds great and is genuinely fun to use, we can’t recommend the Roll 2 highly enough. And a tidy saving is the icing on the Bluetooth cake.View Deal

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 £119 £87 at Amazon 

It's now been succeeded by the third-gen Boom 3, but 2015's Boom 2 is still a great bargain (especially at this knockdown price!) if you're looking for a fun and affordable portable speaker. Available in Phantom Black and Cherrybomb finishes.View Deal

Amazon Echo Plus 1st gen £140 £90 

The most feature-laden of Amazon’s array of smart-speakers, the Echo Plus carves its niche by not only being a speaker, but by having a built-in smart home hub too. This hub links devices like smart-lightbulbs or thermostats to the internet using a specialised mesh network.View Deal

Ultimate Ears Megaboom smart speaker £129 £93 

It’s the original model as opposed to the most current Megaboom 3, but if you can go without the third-gen’s slightly improved (bassier) sound, dustproof and waterproof design, and slightly more sophisticated aesthetic and functionality, you’ll never rue the day you saved £70 by buying this discounted Megaboom over the Megaboom 3 (£170).View Deal

Yamaha WX-010 multi-room speaker £169.95 £99 Amazon 

Save a tasty £70.95 off the price of this great little wireless speaker from Yamaha. It offers Bluetooth, AirPlay and Wi-Fi connectivity to play music anywhere in your home. It even supports Spotify and YouTube, too.View Deal

LG PK7 XBOOM wireless speaker £199.99 £119 at Amazon

An excellent price for this fun-looking speaker from LG. It's packed with features: a rechargeable battery good for 22 hours of playback, apt-X Bluetooth and even Google Assistant built-in. Tuned with the help of Meridian Audio, it delivers a big, powerful and instantly likeable sound.View Deal

Sony SRS-XB41 portable wireless speaker with Extra Bass for £200 £130 at Amazon

This flashy little speaker from Sony is the perfect little party piece thanks to its lit-up design, extra bass sound and full-day battery life. Available in black.View Deal

Ultimate Ears Megablast smart speaker £270 £139 at Amazon

Our favourite rugged portable Bluetooth speaker just got smart. The first portable speaker to feature Amazon Alexa, the Megablast combines weatherproof build and great sound quality and voice-control features. Even more attractive at over £110 off!View Deal

KEF Muo wireless speaker for £300 £139 at Amazon

A Bluetooth speaker that’s designed for style rather than ruggedness, the portable Muo cuts a sleek figure with its aluminium-clad hourglass shape. An insightful sound with tight timings, wide dynamics and a refined musicality for half its original price - what's not to love?View Deal

JBL Link 20 Bluetooth speaker for £179 £149 at Richer Sounds

Portable and smart - it features Google Assistant - the Link 20 has a built-in battery that's good for around ten hours of music. Add a waterproof design, solid build, and a balanced sound and you've got a neat offering that you can now save some quid on.View Deal

Bose SoundLink Revolve portable speaker £179 £149 at John Lewis

A talented Bluetooth speaker with a neat cylindrical design. The Revolve fires sound downward onto a patented diffuser plate, which delivers an even spread of sound. The speaker sounds detailed and punchy, and a £30 saving makes it appear even more of a bargain.View Deal

Audio Pro Addon C10 multi-room speaker for £299 £269 at eBay

This excellent Audio Pro Addon C10 saw itself crowned as a Product of the Year at our 2018 Awards. Rich, powerful performance, plus multi-room functionality and a host of connections - and all for a relatively affordable price. View Deal

Dali Katch Bluetooth speaker (Cloud Grey) for £330 £279 at Exceptional AV

This stylish portable speaker from Danish audio specialists Dali won our hearts and an Award for its great sound and trendy design. View Deal

Denon HEOS 7 HS2 £549 £389 at Richer Sounds

The HEOS 7 ticks a great number of boxes. It sounds good with a variety of music through a range of sources, has a no-fuss aesthetic that should fit into a number of homes, and is easy to use.View Deal