Black Friday speakers deals: The best hi-fi and wireless speaker deals right now

Black Friday speakers deals: The best hi-fi and wireless speaker deals right now

You can buy the best hi-fi electronics in the world, but no system will sounds its best without an appropriately talented pair of loudspeakers to complete the set.

Whether you're looking for a traditional pair of stereo speakers, a wireless solution or something more portable, you're in luck as there are some tasty bargains on some fantastic kit.

While Black Friday is fast approaching on 23rd November, there are already plenty of deals popping up - so don't miss out on some great discounts on what just might be your new favourite speakers.

Hi-fi speaker deals

Q Acoustics 3020 stereo speakers for £199 £99 at Richer Sounds

These former Award-winning standmounters are a steal at this knock-down price. While there are newer iterations, these 3020s can still deliver a wonderfully refined, dynamic and punchy sound. Their single-wired and unfussy nature will fit in with most systems.View Deal

Wharfedale Diamond 220 for £149 £119 at Richer Sounds

These 2014 Award-winning speakers are still a budget marvel. Balanced and informative, the 220s juggle fine detail, expressive dynamics and deep bass with aplomb. They’re unfussy in nature, too, so will suit a wide range of partnering equipment.View Deal

Mission LX-2 stereo speakers for £179 £149 at Richer Sounds

The LX-2s are one of the best budget speakers we've heard in the last few years. They deliver strong dynamics and fine timing. Worth every penny of its original price, they're an even better option now.View Deal

KEF Q350 speakers for £530 £499 at Richer Sounds

Sounding more like speakers close to the £1000 mark, these current Award-winners will wow you with their refined, articulate and well-integrated sound. If these KEFs weren't already on your shopping list, the few quid you save off its original price should tempt you.View Deal

B&W 685 S2 stereo speakers for £499 £349 at Sevenoaks

There are brand new successors to the 685 S2s out now (called the B&W 606), but these former Award-winners are worth looking into at their knock-down price. They have the temerity to throw large-scale dynamics with gleeful abandon and pump out deep, rich bass that you can feel in your soul.View Deal

Wireless speaker deals

Jam Hang Up wireless speaker £24.99 £18.99 at Amazon

This Bluetooth speaker is built to last with its dustproof and waterproof design. It's a small, highly portable wireless speaker with an eight hour battery life. A great affordable speaker for your travels (or maybe the bathroom) as opposed to one for your audiophile needs.View Deal

Onkyo VC-PX30 £199 £69 at Richer Sounds

Control your streaming music and your connected home gadgets with the Alexa-voice driven Onkyo VC-PX30 smart speaker. It's multi-room compatible thanks to DTS Play-Fi, and you can connect other sources using the 3.5mm aux input.View Deal

Ultimate Ears Megaboom £129 £99 at Amazon 

It’s the original model as opposed to the most current version, but if you can go without the third-gen’s slightly improved (bassier) sound and slightly more sophisticated aesthetic and functionality, you’ll never rue the day you saved £70 by buying this discounted Megaboom over the £170 Megaboom 3.View Deal

LG PK7 XBOOM wireless speaker £199.99 £99.99 at Amazon

An excellent price for this fun-looking wireless smart speaker from LG. It's packed with features: a rechargeable battery good for 22 hours of playback, apt-X Bluetooth and even Google Assistant built-in. Tuned with the help of Meridian Audio, it delivers a big, powerful and instantly likeable sound.View Deal

Yamaha WX-010 Wireless Speaker with MusicCast for £169.95 £99 at Superfi

Save a tasty £70.95 off the price of this great little wireless speaker from Yamaha. It offers Bluetooth, AirPlay and Wi-Fi connectivity to play music anywhere in your home. It even supports Spotify and YouTube, too.View Deal

Sony SRS-XB41 Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker with Extra Bass (Black) £200 £120

This flashy little speaker from Sony is the perfect little party piece thanks to its lit-up design, extra bass sound and full-day battery life. Available in black. Deal ends 30th November.View Deal

KEF Muo wireless speaker for £300 £139 at Amazon

A Bluetooth speaker that’s designed for style rather than ruggedness, the portable Muo cuts a sleek figure with its aluminium-clad hourglass shape. An insightful sound with tight timings, wide dynamics and a refined musicality for half its original price - what's not to love?

Audio Pro Addon C10 £299 £269 at Richer Sounds

This excellent Audio Pro Addon C10 saw itself crowned as a Product of the Year at our 2018 Awards. Rich, powerful performance, plus multi-room functionality and a host of connections - and all for a relatively affordable price.View Deal

Naim Mu-so Qb £599 £449 at John Lewis

Apple AirPlay, aptX Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Tidal and internet radio are all present, as is uPnP, on this compact version of the Award-winning Mu-so. The Qb delivers a big, authoritative sound that belies its small stature. A superb wireless speaker.View Deal

Naim Mu-so wireless speaker for £995 £795 at Superfi

A huge £200 saving on an equally massive sounding speaker that offers 450 watts, making this a great deal. Onboard is 32-bit digital signal processing which will maximise the quality of any music you stream to this beast. Six 75W amps for six speakers make for an immersive and detailed sound that works as part of a multi-room system.View Deal