Black Friday speakers deals: The best hi-fi and wireless speaker deals right now

Black Friday speakers deals: The best hi-fi and wireless speaker deals right now

You can buy the best hi-fi electronics in the world, but no system will sounds its best without an appropriately talented pair of loudspeakers to complete the set.

The same goes for if you want a wireless option or something a bit more portable to take out and about with you.

Choosing the right speakers for your needs and budget can be a tricky process, but lucky for you we're here to lend a helping hand.

So here are some of the best speakers - wireless speakers, portable speakers, hi-fi speakers - on offer right now. And they might even get further reduced during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so keep an eye out!

The best hi-fi speaker deals right now

Wharfedale Diamond 220

  • Great all-round sound for a budget speaker 
  • Unfussy with partnering kit 
  • Available in blackwood vinyl, walnut pearl, rosewood quilted and white finishes

These speakers may be four years old now (and former 2014 What Hi-Fi? Award winners), but they’re still a budget marvel. With a wonderfully balanced and informative sound, the Diamond 220s juggle fine detail, expressive dynamics and deep bass with aplomb. They’re unfussy in nature, too, so will suit a wide range of price-appropriate partnering equipment. 

There’s a deep sense of power that belies the speakers’ fairly petite dimensions, and we like the neat and tidy finish quality of these standmounters, too. If you’re setting up your first hi-fi or looking for a budget upgrade, these are a great starter option.

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Mission LX-2

  • Incredibly capable, faithful and enjoyable performers for the money
  • Needs care in system matching to sound its best 
  • Upside-down driver/tweeter arrangement aids time alignment 
  • Available in black veneer, white and walnut finishes

The unusual driver arrangement – the tweeter below the mid/bass driver – is enough to make these Missions stand out from the crowd, but that’s not the only thing that’s special about them

These budget speakers get right to the heart of the music, as if the Missions have a direct line to the studio and know exactly what the musicians wanted you to feel. That’s a rare quality regardless of price. These are fantastic, enthusiastic performers that are at home with intimate, nuanced vocals as with sweeping, dynamic orchestral scores. There’s nothing these Missions can’t handle.

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B&W 685 S2

  • Huge, muscular sound with prominent bass performance 
  • Protective grille mesh for tweeter 
  • Bi-wire speaker terminals

There are brand new successors to the 685 S2 standmount speakers out now (called the B&W 606), but these former Award-winners are a bargain worth looking into at their knock-down price.

Newer rivals offer greater subtlety, but these 685 S2s can still blow us away by their tremendous sense of power and muscle. They have the temerity to throw large-scale dynamics with gleeful abandon and pump out deep, rich bass that you can feel in your soul - all from those distinctive-looking but relatively compact speakers you could fit into a bookshelf (but we'd recommend placing them on stands).

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KEF Q350

  • Refined, articulate, well-integrated sound 
  • Finely balanced and mature performance 
  • Elegant finish and build quality

The KEF Q350s wowed us with their stunning sense of refinement and sophistication.

Sounding more like speakers close to the £1000 mark, few rivals - if any - attain such a skilful level of clarity, accuracy and transparency at this price. The speakers shy away from being overly analytical, too - they can have plenty of toe-tapping fun.

The crisp finish, high quality build and distinctive look of the improved Uni-Q driver are attractive, too, making these KEF speakers a prime choice for any hi-fi shopper’s buying list.

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Tannoy Revolution XT6F

  • Hugely enjoyable performance 
  • Superb timing, ample dynamics and excellent detail 
  • Fantastic build quality 
  • Bi-wire speaker terminals

These Tannoys floorstanders are something special - they fire out an infectious, entertaining sound that will have you snapping, tapping and dancing along to the music.

Their lively, agile and versatile character means they’ll suit all genres and tempos, and the tall, wide presentation simply gives ample space for textures and subtleties to flourish. The speakers are beautifully finished too, with plenty of attention to detail.

Behind that energetic sound lies dead clever engineering – updated drivers, integrated plinth and down-firing port to better dispersion of low frequencies – but what’s really important is that you should really, really audition these speakers.

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Q Acoustics Concept 500

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Cleverly treated and braced cabinet construction
  • Bi-wire speaker terminals
  • Available in gloss black, gloss white, black/rosewood and white/light oak finishes

Having made its name in the budget world, Q Acoustic turned its hand to the high end. And the Concept 500 is a triumph. With clever cabinet construction, damping and bracing, these excellent floorstanders belt out music that's true the Q Acoustics sonic signature while elevating it for a high-end audience.

They're unfussy in nature, are amenable with every quality of recording, and deliver a hugely confident and composed performance with bags of subtle detail and tuneful rhythms. Impressive speakers worth every penny.

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The best wireless speaker deals right now

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

  • Ultra-portable
  • Nine-hour battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Fun, punchy sound

Chuck it in your bag, go on a hike, take it to a music festival - this tiny, portable, brightly-coloured saucer-shaped speaker will sustain all kinds of wet weather and muddy damage. It even comes with a mini life preserver so it can bob around next to you in the pool.

The Roll 2 is open, full-bodied and packs a punch despite its dinky size. Timing is snappy, there’s abundant detail, and it cleverly doesn’t overdo the bass. You won’t find a more entertaining yet so controlled sounding Bluetooth speaker under £100.

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JBL Flip 4

  • 12-hour battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Goes very loud

Portable, compact, waterproof - this JBL Flip 4 ticks all the right boxes for a rugged Bluetooth speaker you can take with you everywhere. Its 12-hour battery life is generous, and you can also link up multiple Flip 4s together for a big party.

But we’re more impressed by just how wide this speaker throws its sound. The sound isn't perfect, but there’s plenty of space given to musical arrangements, and it goes very, very loud without sounding harsh at high volumes. Quite an accomplishment for a speaker at this price.

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  • Sleek, aluminium design
  • Clear, insightful and dynamic sound
  • Optimises sound to suit horizontal or vertical orientation

Want a Bluetooth speaker that’s designed more for style than ruggedness? The KEF Muo cuts a sleek figure with its aluminium casing (that’s available in a variety of shiny colours) and grille holes arranged to evoke an hourglass shape.

You won’t want to take it outside for fear of scratching that metallic finish; it’s not waterproof anyway. But that articulate, insightful sound is what caught our attention in the first place. Tight timings, wide dynamics and a refined musicality nabbed this Muo speaker an Award in 2015, and it remains a great choice at half its original price.

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Ultimate Ears Megablast

  • Alexa voice control
  • Rugged build
  • Enthusiastic and loud delivery with taut, precise basslines
  • Battery life: 16 hours

Ultimate Ears adds another feather in its funky, portable speaker cap with the Alexa-powered Megablast. It’s the first portable smart speaker on the market, combining all the perks of Ultimate Ear’s portable, colourful, weather-proof build with Amazon Alexa’s voice control. 

Yes, you can shout commands at it to play music, turn on your lights, tell you jokes, but the speaker itself has been spruced up to sound louder than before. Its energetic performance certainly fills a room without distorting or sounding harsh – pretty impressive. Its precise, detailed and rhythmic character will appeal to many.

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Dali Katch

  • Lovely build and design
  • Terrifically engaging, accurate and powerful sound
  • 24 hours of wireless playback

Danish audio stalwarts Dali knocked it out of the park with its first Bluetooth speaker. The scale of sound emitting from something of the Katch’s statue is quite simply incredible. It’s a gorgeous sound with excellent levels of engagement, dynamics and musical prowess, with a terrific sense of timing for a product of its kind.

Its sturdy build and classy, lifestyle-friendly design is just as appealing. This is an indoor speaker – and rightly so for its price tag; you wouldn’t want that lovely blue finish getting scratched – but it’s still easily portable. It’ll last a full day of playing wireless music without needing to recharge, too.

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Audio Pro Addon C10

  • Mains-powered
  • Well-featured
  • Stunning performance for its price

The Addon C10 is Audio Pro’s biggest and best wireless multi-room speaker yet, offering fantastic performance that belies its modest price tag and proportions. It has exceptional sense of timing and its three-dimensional, nuanced sound is utterly compelling. Its sense of scale and organisation is impressive, as is the warmth and texture of each note it manages to eke out.

The speaker features a host of connections – wi-fi, Bluetooth 4.0, AirPlay, 3.5mm aux and RCA analogue – so it’ll play from virtually any source. It supports Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz and comes with a simple control app. One of the best buys of the year.

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