When's the best time to buy a TV? Your guide to saving big on 4K, OLED and LCD TVs

When's the best time to buy a TV? Your guide to saving big on 4K, OLED and LCD TVs
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A new TV is one of the larger investments you'll make. While it's not quite up there with a new car or house, a new TV is still a big-ticket item, especially if you want one of the best TVs around. And with the cost of living rising by the day, saving money is more important than ever.

There are always TV deals around, but did you know that when you look is just as important as where you look? Certain times of the year throw up better bargains than others.

Here, we'll explain why you're better off buying at certain times of the year, and help you find the best TV deals for you.

Generally speaking, there are three times of year that are best to buy a new TV: big sales events (like Black Friday and Cyber Monday), spring and big sporting events.

New TVs arrive in spring

When's the best time to buy a new TV? Spring

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While some device announcements still come as a surprise, some are as certain as night follows day. CES, the world's biggest tech show, takes place every January in Las Vegas, and sees the major TV manufacturers show off their new wares.

We start to see teasers for some of the new TVs in the winter, before CES kicks off. And the new models tend to go on sale in the spring, usually around March or April time. This makes it a great time to shop for a new TV – not only do you have the new TVs to choose from, it's also the time when the previous year's models see some heavy discounts to clear space for the new stock.

So you have a choice – pay top dollar for the latest and greatest TV tech available, or save big and opt for last year's model, which in many cases could be the sensible thing to do.

Don't forget Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When's the best time to buy a new TV? Sales

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The same big sales events happen every year: Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While Amazon Prime Day moves around a bit – in 2020 the pandemic shifted it to October from its usual summer spot – we do know when Black Friday and Cyber Monday take place every year. That's because they happen on the first Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, respectively.

This year, Black Friday took place on Friday 25th November. And Cyber Monday? That was Monday 28th November.

Amazon Prime Day is more unpredictable. It usually takes place in July, although in 2021 it ran from 21st-22nd June (it always lasts more than one day) – and in 2022, it was complemented by another big Amazon sale day, Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, in October. In 2020, Prime Day took place in October for reasons we've already mentioned. But every Prime Day from 2015 (when the first one was held) until 2019 took place in July – 2022's was held from 12th-13th July.

These sales events discount a huge number of products, but TVs often see the biggest savings.

Big sporting event? Big TV discounts

When's the best time to buy a new TV? Sporting events

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Big sporting events also throw up big promotions from some of the major manufacturers and retailers, as they try and get you to shell out on a shiny new set to enjoy the action. Think Wimbledon, the Olympics and of course football tournaments like the World Cup, Euros and FA Cup. And our friends across the pond are always guaranteed a decent selection of Super Bowl TV deals too.

Which TVs get the biggest discounts?

Which TVs get the biggest discounts?

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Generally speaking, the bigger the TV, the better the discount. That leads to headline-grabbing savings on 77- and 83-inch TVs – which is great, but those kinds of TVs just aren't practical for most people. Thankfully, there are plenty of decent deals on more reasonably-sized sets too.

Obviously older TVs are more likely to be discounted than brand new ones – you're more likely to find a hefty discount on a 2021 model than one that's box-fresh this year. That's only an issue if you're an early adopter and want the newest TVs with the latest tech such as QD-OLED and Mini LED, but if you're happy to forego the absolute latest and greatest tech, there's the potential to save big.

Thankfully, the big brands aren't immune to discounts either. In fact, some of the best TV deals are on models from Sony, LG, Samsung and Philips. Though you shouldn't discount (ahem) discounts with lower-end fare from the likes of Hisense, TCL and Toshiba. For more, check out the best cheap TVs currently available.

The best UK TV deals available right now

LG OLED42C2 2022 OLED TV  £1399

LG OLED42C2 2022 OLED TV £1399 £855 at Amazon (save £544)
LG's first 42-inch OLED TV has only been available for five minutes but has already had a big discount. It's slightly less bright than the bigger C2 models but otherwise has the same features. That should make it a huge hit, particularly with gamers who want a desktop TV with all of the next-gen specs.

LG C2 OLED 55-inch:  £1699

LG C2 OLED 55-inch: £1699 £1152 at Amazon (save £547)
The 55-inch C2 is brighter than the 42-inch model – as well as any 2021 OLED – produces brilliantly punchy but natural images and boasts every next-gen gaming feature you could ask for. Now available with a huge discount.

Sony XR-42A90K 2022 OLED TV  £1899

Sony XR-42A90K 2022 OLED TV £1899 £1299 at Amazon (save £600)
Sony's first 42-inch OLED is a high-end treat, particularly if picture authenticity is your priority. It sounds great by TV standards, too. The 42-inch LG C2 is still overall the better buy, given its much lower price, but there are many who will feel it's worth spending the extra on this Sony.

LG OLED48C2 2022 OLED TV £1399

LG OLED48C2 2022 OLED TV £1399 £999 at Sevenoaks (save £400)
If you want a cutting-edge 48-inch TV, the OLED48C2 is for you. This is the very latest LG OLED TV with all of the company's best tech and every gaming feature covered. Do also consider last year's C1, though, which is available with even bigger discounts and shouldn't be much of a downgrade.

Samsung UE43AU7100 2021 43-inch TV £499

Samsung UE43AU7100 2021 43-inch TV £499 £332 at Amazon (save £167)
Simply put, this is the best 43-inch TV we tested last year. It boasts a surprisingly mature and consistent picture performance and the full, excellent Samsung smart platform, which gives access to more or less every streaming service under the sun.

Philips 48OLED806 2021 OLED TV  £1299

Philips 48OLED806 2021 OLED TV £1299 £799 at Currys (save £500)
Let's cut straight to the chase: this is our favourite TV of 2021. The OLED806 series is just brilliant, offering super-punchy and crisp images, solid sound, Ambilight and loads of next-gen gaming features. And at 48 inches, it's compact enough for almost any lounge.

Philips 48OLED807 2022 OLED TV  £1499

Philips 48OLED807 2022 OLED TV £1499 £1199 at Box (save £300)
The follow-up to the 806 above, the 48OLED807 is an absolutely brilliant OLED TV at a really attractive price. Great picture, above-average sound, strong gaming specs and glorious Ambilight. What more could you want?

Sony XR-48A90K 2022 OLED TV:  £1899

Sony XR-48A90K 2022 OLED TV: £1899 £1395 at Box (save £504)
"An astonishingly good 'small' OLED TV" is how we described the 48-inch Sony A90K in our review. For picture authenticity and sound quality, you can't buy better at this size, and its gaming specs (while not quite up there with the LG C2) are strong.

The best US TV deals available right now

Samsung UN43TU7000FXZA:  $329

Samsung UN43TU7000FXZA: $329 $277 at BestBuy (save $52)
In the UK variant of this TV, we were impressed by its impressive sharpness and detail, its tonal balance, and its intuitive interface. At less than $300, it's hard to go wrong with this set from Samsung.

Insignia 55-inch F30 Series 4K Fire TV $449

Insignia 55-inch F30 Series 4K Fire TV $449 $279 at BestBuy (save $170)
This BestBuy exclusive is a 55-inch smart TV that supports 4K HDR and comes packed with a surprisingly punchy picture for the price. If you don't need the most expensive set, check out this Insignia.

TCL 55-inch 4K Smart LED TV $499

TCL 55-inch 4K Smart LED TV $499 $299 at BestBuy (save $200)
Much like the 43-inch TCL TV above, this 55-inch set offers up TCL's trademark value, bringing a solid, dynamic display to customers for a cheap price. Plus, this set comes packed with Roku's operating system, too.

Samsung QN55QN90AAFXZA:  $1597

Samsung QN55QN90AAFXZA: $1597 $1197 at Amazon (save $400)
We loved this TV's fantastically bright, punchy picture alongside its excellent sharpness and detail. Plus, this set packs in a superb TV OS, too. At nearly a third off, this Samsung Neo set is exceptional value.

Sony XBR-65A8H OLED 4K Android TV $2899

Sony XBR-65A8H OLED 4K Android TV $2899 $1374 at BestBuy (save $1525)
Make a big saving on the Sony A8H, which provides Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for truly immersive entertainment. Plus, this 4K OLED looks fantastic, delivering punchy, deep blacks.

Samsung 65-inch QN90A 4K TV $2600

Samsung 65-inch QN90A 4K TV $2600 $1599 at Samsung (save $1000)
Samsung's 4K flagship comes with Quantum Matrix tech, AI upscaling to 4K powered by the Neo Quantum Processor, Object Tracking Sound+ to keep up with the on-screen action, and a 120Hz refresh rate at 4K.

Sony XR-65A80J 4K OLED TV $2300

Sony XR-65A80J 4K OLED TV $2300 $1998 at Walmart (save $302)
This excellent OLED TV is an absolute cracker. It supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision and features Sony's impressive audio and motion processing technologies. 

TCL 70S434:  $599

TCL 70S434: $599 $499 at BestBuy (save $100)
We've reviewed a ton of TCL TVs, routinely finding them to offer up a surprisingly good picture and sound quality for the price, and this 70-inch 4K smart TV is no different.

Samsung UN70TU7000BXZA:  $1000

Samsung UN70TU7000BXZA: $1000 $547 at BestBuy (save $453)
We loved the 8000 series of Samsung TVs, impressed by its awesome value for money alongside brilliant HDR, lots of detail, and punchy colors. The 7000 series has a similar reputation, so at this price, you can't go wrong.


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