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My next door neighbour's washing machine has failed after about 14 months, and everybody is denying responsibilty.

...from the always-interesting tonmeister site about how we can't trust our hearing.

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned (unless I missed it):

Enjoying it.

Dunno if you have to sign up as I already am.

I was about to remove all of today's posts but another mod has pre-empted me and deleted it.  Can't say I disagree.

Oh my god it's *gorgeous*. And for *stupid* money.

Invite me! Invite me!

Just got a TX-L32E6B, which is very nice, but exhibits an oddity.


Anybody compared libraries between Spotify and Google?

My Sony KDL-NX503 won't turn on - it just flashes the standby light seven times, pauses, flashes seven times... I have googled, obviously, but nothing is jumping out at me.