What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Tue, 2 Jun 2009, 2:00pm

Sony RM-V210T

Tested at £13

This Sony is cheap and uncomfortable, with limited applications. Couple that with fiddly operation, and it's not the best out there

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  • Comes pre-calibrated with Sony commands
  • price


  • Looks
  • usability
  • has a limited series of options

If One For All's Comfort Line 5 is cheap and cheerful, this Sony is cheap and nasty, with its big, plasticky and uncomfortable design.

It comes preset with Sony codes, but for some reason it wouldn't operate our BDP-S550 Blu-ray player.

You can add non-Sony devices, but the list of codes is rather short (LG isn't mentioned at all, for instance), and if there's no code listed it's a long and slightly fiddly process to cycle through every one that might work.

If you're just replacing your Sony TV's lost remote, it might be worth a look, but if you want more than that, go for the One For All Comfort Line 5 at £16.

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