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Music library software

I apologise if this has already been done, I had a quick look through the forums and couldn't find anything that answers my question so decided to post a new thread.

Basically I want to move away from using itunes, but haven't yet found anything that fills my needs.

My ideal program would be one that doesn't get sluggish even with a library of around 10,000 songs, allows synchronizing with an ipod classic and a android phone (4.4 kitkat if it makes any difference), but most importantly will sync play counts and other data to and from these devices. I use smart playlists based on play counts etc a LOT in itunes but cannot find any other software that has anything similar to smart playlists,

For example, I have a smart playlist for songs with the "last played" not in the last year. This is so I can review what I haven't listened to in a year and decide to either delete the track to keep clutter from my library, or maybe just enjoy a blast from the past.

Most of my smart playlists use either playcount or last played statistics, and I need these to be synced back from my ipod/android to my laptop.

I'm aware I can get an app for my android to sync with itunes and do this, but the whole point is i don't actually like itunes. It's just the only one I can find with the functionality I want.

SO, now that I've babbled, is there any other software that has smart playlists and will sync with android and an ipod classic?