Sony PlayStation 3 on the up?

Fri, 20 Jun 2008, 10:33am


After a slow start, sales of PlayStation 3 have finally reached the numbers that Sony would like. In Japan last week, sales of PS3 overtook those of Nintendo’s Wii for the first time due in no small part to the arrival of Metal Gear Solid 4 – a huge game that Japan loves almost as much as the UK loves Grand Theft Auto IV. And, in case you didn't know, Grand Theft Auto IV sold an incredible 6 million copies in a single week around the world, making it the biggest grossing 'entertainment' launch ever, film and albums included.

At the same time, speaking to Bloomberg, Sony Corp Chairman Howard Stringer announced that Sony hope to sell 10 million PS3s this year globally. Cheaper production costs for PS3 have helped Sony and a reduced marketing spend has been useful, but should Sony have really been pushing the PS3 as a games machine from the start when launch games were so, well, lacklustre? The switch to advertising the console as an all-round home entertainment device was perhaps too late.

After all, the PS3 is a good Blu-ray player and with more inputs and outputs than we ever expected from a games console, it’s a perfect starting point for someone entering the world of budget home cinema. Sony just needs to shout about it a bit more while the gaps between games as big as Grand Theft Auto IV appear. Stringer went on to say that overall improvement was needed amidst falling sales of Sony LCD TVs: “In a UK brand poll, Sony was ranked No.1 this year, but we are not Number 1 in my mind yet''.

So, what do you think? Did you buy your PS3 machine as a games machine, as a Blu-ray player or both and do you see Sony as your number 1 brand?



I bought one primarily to get a bluray player that was still going to be useful should the format war have swung in HDDVDs favour. It should have been touted as a bluray player as much as a games machine. The PS3, it's games and bluray discs in general should be cheaper than the present price level they 'enjoy'. If Spiderman can be sold as a trilogy for £30 why are single discs of the same films around £17?



yeah bashing the PS3 is really hip, but now take into account that the PS3 was released 2 years after the xbox360 and look at the numbers sold.

claiming it isn't a gaming machines and seeing a prologue demo selling more then 1million within 1 day and no blu-ray ever selling like that, then you clearly don't know what your talking about.

"So, what do you think? Did you buy your PS3 machine as a games machine, as a Blu-ray player or both and do you see Sony as your number 1 brand?"

Didn't buy one, not buying one and don't see Sony as number 1 brand (particularly in light of problems with my Sony built TVonics box)

I brought my PS3 definately for both reasons, having owned a playstation one and two, I am not surprised at all about the PS3 outselling the WII, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony do to Xbox and WII what the first playstation did to Sega, made them pack in the console business and stick to just making games. Now with such a pedigree in Gaming and then throw in a Blu-ray player (surely the DVD's sucessor)What's there not to like?

  Sony the number 1 brand? mmmm... a reliable, trustworthy, well-known universal, consistent brand is what i would say, like a BMW car, not a Ferrari nor like a vauxhall.

I bought mine because it is the best all round package on the market.

A excellent blue ray player.

Has a 60gb hard drive to store, watch, edit and play family digital pictures / slide shows on TV!

Great for games.

Oh, and internet updates to keep it current.  

Can someone please tell me which great games the PS3 has to offer, well apart from MGS4 which i already own????? Please dont list games yet to come out or multiplatform games as they really are better on my 360.  Dont chat about Prologue, Forza and PGR4 are better games, and lets not forget Grid, which looks stunning by the way!

I assumed that when I bought a games consul it would be PS3 but I cant buy one since Sony took the 60GB version off the market which had backwards compatability with PS2 games and only sold 40 GB version which does not. There are hardly any games for younger children for PS3. I am very sceptical about Sonys explanation. I would have happily paid a higher price and so would others  which is proved by how much the 60GB version makes second hand on Amazon or Ebay. To buy one of those without a guarantee or with no assurance they will be supported in the uk in the future is not on. What is particularly galling is that I understand there are other versions of PS3 sold outside of Europe. I cannot believe that Sony have in effect ruled a significant part of the market out.

sony messed up in a huge way with the ps3.  xbox is a better games machine.  if you're not into games and want it to play blu ray, fair enough, but it's well off the pace as a games machine due to lack of exclusive games that are worth having.  prologue?  total garbage - forza 2 on 360 kills it.

Im sure the "Playstation" brand will do well aslong as it concentrates on gaming.  Look at the WII, its not even hi def yet its out selling everything currently on the video games market because its fun.  This machine should never have been given the brand "Playstation" as it has done nothing for the gaming industry apart from Metal Gear Solid 4 and GTA4 which is multiplatform anyway.  For hi def gaming it has to be Xbox 360, for family gaming the Wii and for hi def movies well the Panasonic Blu ray players are highly rated. So where does that leave the PS3???  Jack of all trades maybe but not an ace of one.