PS5's Disney+ app now supports 4K HDR

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Glorious news, PlayStation Disney fans! For PS5, an all-new Disney+ app is now available for download that supports up to 4K/HDR playback, which is a huge upgrade from the PS4 app's 1080p output.

Previously, the Disney+ PlayStation app was a PS4 native app that worked on PS5, but there weren't any PS5-focused features. With this new native PS5 application, though, with it comes full 4K/HDR support.

This makes a lot of sense, considering many streaming competitors already offer 4K streaming on PS5. In fact, Disney+ is quite late to the 4K party, considering Sony's first 4K PlayStation, the PS4 Pro, came out nearly six years ago.

While other competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime support 4K streaming on the PS4 Pro, this update to Disney+ is in the form of a PS5 app, so if you've got an old PS4 Pro you use for streaming now, you're still not getting 4K.

Other streaming services are lagging behind even Disney+, however. Hulu, for example, doesn't support 4K streaming on either PS4 or PS5, while it does support 4K streaming on Xbox One S and Xbox One X. That's right Xbox One, not the new Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X.

Considering all the processing power required to stream in 4K can be stuffed into a tiny streaming stick around the size of a flash drive, it's surprising that the flagship consoles out there from Sony and Microsoft don't universally support 4K streaming. If we had to guess, this probably comes down to the fact that most gamers probably aren't doing their video streaming via their console.

Regardless, it's good news that Disney+ now supports 4K streaming on PS5; if you're interested, just head to the PlayStation Store and search for Disney+.


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