PS5 YouTube app gets surprise update, now supports HDR10

PS5 YouTube app gets surprise update, now supports HDR10
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The Sony PS5 has had two bumps in streaming quality today. Earlier, news broke that the BBC iPlayer app had arrived on the PS5 with 4K HDR. Now, it seems the PS5 can play YouTube video in HDR, too.

An eagle-eyed flatpanelshd reader by the name of 'Aha' claims that the PS5's YouTube app has been updated to support "HDR10 video in the VP9-2 codec", and that the results are "stunning".

Sony's next-gen console has supported HDR (High Dynamic Range) up to 4K@120Hz from launch, but the PS5 YouTube app didn't previously support the format. A rather unsatisfactory state of affairs, given that the PS4's YouTube app has supported HDR playback since 2019.

According to Sony, "HDR offers higher contrast than standard dynamic range (SDR), or a wider range of colours and brightness." The tech only works with HDR TVs, of course.

You'll also need to enable HDR playback on your PlayStation 5. Head to Settings and then Screen and Video, before selecting 'enable HDR' in the Video Output menu. No joy? You'll find a complete guide to enabling and adjusting HDR settings on the PlayStation website

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